Video: Making Rava Dosa and Masala Dosas

(move your mouse out of the video frame, to lose the black border)
Growing up in Mumbai, dosas were a staple in our home. We never tired of them. Could munch dosas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the expert hands of my mother, dosas were easy; its the parathas and North Indian fare she avoided. We didn’t miss those.

Now I start every Mumbai visit with a pilgrimage to Kamats (Colaba, Mumbai) for their delicious South Indian (Konkani style) fare. The wait staff recommend newer dosa varieties, but I stick with the tried and true: the rava dosa or the plain dosa. On this visit I got a chance to go in their kitchen and record the cook make the dosas.

In the video notice how the cook ‘pours’ the runny batter for the Rava dosa. This is the secret for the perfect Rava Dosa and difficult to emulate at home. Observe also how fluidly he spreads out the batter for the masala dosa. He makes it look sooo easy. Those who have tried, know how difficult this is.

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