Video: Embrace Life

As you get ready for the Holidays, here is a British public service announcement encouraging riders to wear seat belts. WoW! What a beautifully executed video!

Not boring and no scare tactics here; just beautiful acting and the full play of emotions. A tear was ready to well up in my eyes. Stunning!

Video produced by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, UK.


  1. Thanks for posting Arun! This is especially important this time of year.

  2. Pratibha Bhagwat says:

    Creative, indeed!

  3. I happen to see this video few months. A very beautiful and creative ad. Thanks for sharing it here 🙂 .

  4. The traffic in my beloved Mumbai is so dense that seat belts often seem irrelevant!

    Is it time for us to switch to accelerator controls, air bags, and anti-collision radar devices?

  5. Rajesh M Bhat says:

    Couple of weeks ago, I had been to Ponda, to visit my Kuldev, Shri Ramnath. While returning back I saw a line written in kannada “Drive carefully, your loved ones are waiting for you in the home”.

    and another line i like most (i dont remember where I read this) is
    Drive carefully & enjoy the scenery or else you may have to join the scenery.

  6. “A tear was ready to well up in my eyes.” How many men really admit this ? You are a good man! 🙂

    Yes, I had seen this video sometime back and could not stop appreciating how well they had conceptualized the video. Simple but VERY effective. Nothing like family and love. And any issue based on this, always drives the point home! This combined with the soft tone, slow-mo and the simplicity just took this one to a different level. Good one 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

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