Chinmaya Maruti; New Year Greetings 2011

Picture of Hanuman Maruti by Arun Shanbhag

Jai Hanuman Gyan Guna Sagar
Jai Kapis Tihun Lok Ujaagar

Glory to Hanuman
Limitless ocean of wisdom and virtue,
Glory to leader of primates
Whose fame lights the three worlds

In the New Year!
May the gracious Hanuman guide you
To overcome weakness, and
Use your strength to serve the Divine!

Meera, M & A

Maruti (Hanuman) sitting in virāsan from the Chinmaya Maruti, Andover, MA

Our Bharat trips are planned around visits to popular temples. Meera too loves temples and has figured out what is required, and promptly removes her sandals on entering. She gazes at the murthy in awe, speaks in hushed tones and respectfully bows. She delightfully receives the aarti, looks forward to prasad and asks me for money to place in the Hundi (donation box). She is fascinated by the different animals and birds carved in relief, painted on murals or on calendars inside, and points to each of them. As she leaves, she even turns back for a last glance. Meera’s fascination with temples makes it easy for us to visit our favorite temples.

Hanuman Maruti temple Picket Rd, Mumbai
Just a few blocks from our home is a Hanuman (popularly called Maruti) Shrine. We walk there nearly every evening on the way to Gateway of India, or Kailash Parbat for a snack. On Saturdays, we often visit the Hanuman Mandir on Picket Rd in Dhobitalao, smack across the Kalbadevi Police Chowki and near Parsi Dairy Farm and Gita Press bookstore. Nestled in a row of shabby buildings, it would be easy to miss, but for the throng of devotees clamoring outside.
Hanuman Maruti temple Picket Rd, Mumbai

Next to the Hanuman murthy, there is also a shrine to Shani, ruling deity of the planet Saturn. We pray to Shani to rid negative influences in our daily lives.

See more pics from the Picket Rd Hanuman Mandir here.

Other Hanuman Temples:

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  1. happy new year! what a glimpse into this incredible culture – esp the tipping of the chappals watcher! gorgeous photos.

    thank you for sharing your world with us this year – and expanding mine.

  2. May you, M and m be blessed with the very best in this new year and always.

    Asadhyam Sadhaka Swami Asadhyam thava kim vadha
    Ram doota kripa sindho Mat karyam sadhaya prabho

  3. May happiness and success be with you & your family this year and always.


  4. Namaskaru
    Thanks for the write up -today is 1st Jan 2011 and also Shani Pradosh -Shivas Pradosh vrta coincides on Shanaischar-
    Some notes from my studies –

    Hari Om-
    PRAYER TO SHANI DEVA-Picket Rd Temple Mumbai-1st Jan 2011

    Sharing from my Archives: I used to vist this Picket Rd Temple regularly in earlier days when when in Mumbai. In Astrology much has been written on the seven and half years of Shani period of Sade-Sathi is generally seen as a intense trial period (in our lives).

    Shani Deva (the ruling deity of planet Saturn) is a very stern Teacher and disciplinarian, but in reality the setbacks and trials during Sade Saathi, pancham-shani, ashtam-shani also teach us the realities of Life. This leads us away from Preyas to Shreyas Marg.

    Humans possibly learn more from the harsh lessons of life than is realised and the Bhagavad Gita teaches in Chap 18, “that which is Amrita in the beginning is Visha in the end and the vice versa.” Not an easy lesson to follow by listening to mere theory till some of the hard knocks and shocks of life’s experiences shakes us out of our reverie and all the delusion leaves us. Everyone would have experienced the ever continuous change in their circumstances of life and felt this.

    The process of Dukha Nivritti, due to Shani graha aspect has gained much attention and the following prayer etched on the wall of the Sri Hanuman Temple which adjoins Sri Shanaiswara Vigraha at Mumbai may be noted.

    Om neelanjan samabhasam Ravi putra Yamagrajam, Chaya Martandam Tan namami Shanischaram
    Om Sham Shanischaraya Namaha..

    Namaste Konasaunsthaya Pingalaya Namosthute
    Namaste Shiva Roopaya Bhairavaya

    Namaste Vishnu Roopaya Krishnaayacha
    Namaste Bhabru sadnaya Suryaputraya

    Namaste Rudra Dehaya
    Namaste Kaalakajaye Namasthe Yamasanjaya
    Shanishwaraya Namosthute.

    Naashayii twachaayacha,
    Papani Tathani Rogani Prayaschattu,

    Prasadam Kuru Devescha
    Dinaischa Pranathaswayacha.

    above in brief; this is similar to Shani Stuthi.

    Shani Deva has 10 names.

    Konastaha (with angular movement as he is said to be limping)
    Pingala (Tawny – orange-brown complexion)
    Bhabruhu (Reddish as in the Rudra)
    Krishna (Dark complexioned). Krishna Roopa also

    Roudraya has many meanings ; one is Destroyer of ills & remover of sorrows by strict discipline i.e. ignorance is removed. (See Namavalli of Shiva & Sri Rudam & Shani Ashtottara) as a Shiva Roopa
    Antaka-last part.

    Yamaha (Younger brother of Yama Raja).
    Mandaha (Slow moving.)
    Sowri Shanischarya

    Vippaladha.: ??

    PRESCRIBED UPAAYA/S ( two common remedies)

    Sahana-shakti & Tapascharya are not easy qualities to develop. Thus various upayas are listed to give relief like:

    1) The black til (sesame) & Gingelly oil lamps lit on Saturday at the Navagraha shrines in South India at the Shani Deva’s Vigraha. Refer also viniyogas at the shrines at Shani Temple at Thirunalla (Tamilnadu & Shani Shinganapur ) Maharashtra)

    Shani Mahatmaya reading and stotras.

    2) Also the recitation of Sri Hanuman Chalisa,

    The Sri Hanuman Chalisa – 40 couplets by Goswami Tulsidasis possibly the most widely chanted prayer by millions in India and around the world. Sri Hanuman represents all sections of worshippers, from Advaita to Dwaita and finds a place even in other sections like Jain & Sikh faith, in both the epics Ramayana & Mahabharat and also the Bhagavat and Shiv Puraan.

    Sri Anjaneya is the model Bhakta, Jnani & Karmayogi for all of us and has appealed to devotees of so many faiths and lands..

    Jai Shree Hanuman!
    Om ShreeRam Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!

    1. Thank you Captain for compiling the many ways to serve Bhagwan Hanuman. Verily a treasure you have shared with us.

      I hope everyone will find this very useful.
      What a great way to start the New Year!

      Best Wishes to you and your extended family.

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