Meera Turns Three

Meera loves chocolates. At M’s home in Mumbai, she finds a small pot of chocolates and promptly finishes them off. Pictures were patiently captured by M.
Happy Birthday Meera!

Time for Meerathon:

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  1. Wish Meera a very Happy Birthday and please give her lots of hugs and kisses from me. She is sooooooooo cute.

    Kids do grow up soon. Don’t they? Mine will turn 4 soon.

  2. A very happy birthday to Meera!! Lots of love and best wishes to her 🙂 . Thanks for sharing the video, the background music is captivating (from Swades??).

    @At a comment above: You would need to call Meera as “A Chocolate Chor” instead of “Makhan Chor” 🙂

    Once again, loads of love and best wishes to her 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your sweet daughter!
    I love every small detail of her here: the outfit, the veil, the look in her eyes. Krishna went for butter, she prefers chocolate, hehe.
    May she go on being this blessed jewel!

    1. Thank you Clelia:

      Actually, I have a few videos and pics of her stealing butter *aaarrrrgh*
      so hold your thoughts, a “Meera – the Makhan Chor” is coming … sometime.

      We are blessed.

  4. Wishing Meera a very very happy birthday.. 🙂 Very cute pics of Little Meera.. She is definitely growing into beautiful girl 🙂 Love her smile.. Is she naughty.. her eyes speak mischief.. Kids grow so fast..

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