Meera: How to Get a Bicycle

Pics of Meera riding a Bicycle by Arun Shanbhag
How to Get a Bicycle? Just ask Pappa.
Pics of Meera riding a Bicycle by Arun Shanbhag
Meera on her brand, spanking new bicycle.
Here is the phone call with M:

M: Just because Meera cries does not mean we should buy her a bicycle.
A: Absolutely right, no bicycle for Meera.
Meera on phone (in soft lilting voice): Pappa, cycle jaay (I want cycle).
A to M: Buy bicycle for Meera!

Just like that, Meera gets a new bicycle.

PS. In a couple of years she’s riding in Boston.

Meera Highlights:

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  1. Hi Arun,

    I frequently follow your blog. But never sent any comments 🙂 I have 6 months old daughter and want to teach her few konkani kids songs like “ta ta tingan” or “laddu baand laddu baand “. But I don’t know complete lyrics for the same. Do you have collection of these ?

    1. Thank you Shriya,
      and congratulations on our daughter. It is such a fun age when they are getting ready to stand up and also possibly walk. WoW!

      And yes, I actually have a book of all the Konkani kids songs which has “Ta ta tingaN,” but could not find it this afternoon. Let me look for it more and I will post a few of the rhymes , OK?

      Wishing you the best and thank you for introducing yourself.

  2. Hi Arun and Manashi

    Meera looks soo cute! She has grown tall 🙂
    Somehow I missed seeing this post. She is beautiful and so is her bike 🙂
    I missed wishing her on her birthday, our best wishes and love to her always..


    1. Thank you Rajita:
      Yes, she has suddenly shot up and is no longer a “baby.”
      Amazing bike, no? I don’t think we can get that style bikes here in the US. Mumbai/India folks are getting really creative these days. Love that.

      Hope you guys are adjusting well to TX!
      Best Best

  3. Thanks for asking Arun, We are all fine here. Today is the decisive day lets keep our fingers crossed and see the fate of expats outta here.


    Shilpa Shanbhag

  4. Hi Arun,

    The story continues in my house too, My younger one Shamita turned 3 this Feb 8th and we had bicycle, some talking dolls and a kitchen set all at one go with almost same conversation like the one you mentioned above.

    Ghar Ghar ki Kahani (esp when the tiny tot is a girl :D)

    Shilpa Shanbhag

    1. Yaay! and congratulations to Shamita!

      Now I am holding back and only buying one toy per day for Meera. She spends 15 minutes in the store and has to make the ‘tough’ decision ~ which ONE? invariably, anything with Mickey mouse wins 🙂

      Enjoy Life ~ hope you guys are unaffected by all the things going on in Bahrain.

  5. Hi Mr.Shanbhag,
    I have been following ur blog for sometime now.Came here through a google search and have enjoyed reading your views on so many things.

    Regarding ur latest post,only a daughter can play a dad like this.Believe me,I am 34 now and even today my dad gives in to most of my manipulations and I think he enjoys doing that !

    Cheers to more fun times with ur princess.


    1. I think there is a special bond between fathers and daughters.

      There are times i sit back and wonder what has happened to me and how come this little bundle can enslave me so thoroughly.

      What joy!
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing.
      Go ahead, do something nice for your father.

  6. We’ve also promised Adiv a cycle. Just haven’t got around to getting it yet:)
    It’s nice to see Meera growing into this beautiful young girl. Belated Happy Birthday to her. I thought about her on the 19th, coz I remembered she shared her birthday with Adiv:)

    1. Yes! Happy Birthday to Adiv. What an amazing age it is. She is like a sponge absorbing everything.

      And certainly, do get Adiv the bike. We were surprised how Meera has taken to it. It has become her vehicle for play, social expression, exercise and often negotiation.

      Thank you Roopa. I miss your participation. hope all is going well.

  7. Love the bike! R n R also got bikes for their 3rd birthday last year. A large part of Summer and fall evenings were spent on their bikes and they love it.

    1. How are R&R doing? So awesome to hear from you.
      It appears then that 3 is the right age for bikes. Glad we made that decision to get her one.

      Hope you are doing well.

      1. Hahaha, so Meera’s got you thinking ‘you’ made the decision?
        So cute!
        When my daughter got her first set of wheels at 3, it was a tricycle, and she could only manage to ride it in reverse for ages until she finally got the hang of it!

        1. Ha ha! i think meera was doing that with her little tykes tricycle. Poor thing, her feet barely reached the pedals!

          now, as you can see, she is all dressed up and loves to bike.

          and ya – she will be guiding my decisions for the next oh 50 years! love it simply!

    1. Tell me about it. I got my first bike when I reached college.
      At some point (sooner rather than later) we will have to teach her that she ‘cannot’ get all that she wants.
      That is going to be the tough part.

      Thank you Priya.

    1. Yaay! Actually, I promised M that when it is time for them to come here, she can give that bike to a friend and I will buy a “Disney Princess” bike here for Meera. Ha ha!

      But this one is soooo cute, no? I don’t think we can actually bring it here. 😦


  8. Welcome to the club! I’ve always been (and still find me being this way with my teen kids) softened by sincere ‘I love you mom’…
    But she looks adorable on the bike, all worthy!

    1. Good to know that this phase will NOT end anytime soon. Haaaaai!

      nice bike, no?
      BTW, can you give guidance on how to pronounce your name? My gues is that the first “l” is silent.


  9. Ha ha ha… girl’s do know how to get work done.. A smile or a tear can get work done.. girl’s also know how to get away with things and set them right… 🙂
    BTW she looks lovely Arun..Love her cycle too

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