Video: Premchand Yadav, taxi driver in Mumbai

(move mouse outside of video frame to lose the black border)

In Mumbai, every time we go to the airport, we call Premchand Yadav, the taxi wallah (taxi driver). He’s always somewhere nearby and eagerly volunteers to pick us up.

En route to the airport after my last trip, he passionately shared his perspective about the life of taxi drivers. I was surprised at his openness and pulled out my flip video to record some of what he said. Just love listening to his brand of Hindi. Amazing guy!

Nota Bene: I tired of subtitling. Ooof! If you do read the subtitles, I suggest you go over the video a second time and just watch Yadav-ji’s intonations, expressions and the scenery along the road. Videos have so many layers of information to glean. And please share your thoughts about taxi drivers in general.

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  1. I remember a taxi driver in Mumbai, who was from Lucknow. My FIL sitting in front began talking to him about the great poets and you-know-who-big-bollywood-actor-from UP… and subject led to the language of Hindi.

    I still remember his response, “Mumbai me, Hindi kaun bath kartha hai? Idhar sirf gali dethe hai!” hehehe…

    1. That is funny!
      I just love listening to these UP guys speaking Hindi. Amazing.
      Near our home, we have a bevy of Up guys working the fruit, paan and other such stalls. So we are constantly surrounded by UP Hindi. I have know some of these guys as a toddler. Outstanding guys.

      Hope your girls is growing well.

    1. Thank you Preena!
      Taxi drivers in Mumbai are such an integral part of the city. We don’t have a car in Mumbai and taxis IS our way around.
      Love them and the folks who make a living in this city of broad shoulders.


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