Scholarships for the Needy: 2010 – 2011

Arun Shanbhag Needy students awarded Scholarships  at Shanbhag High School Kumta

That gift which is given to a worthy person, in the right circumstance, from whom we expect nothing in return, is held to be most pure.
~ Bhagavad Gita, 17:20

Here is the list of students awarded the 2010 Shanbhag Scholarships in Kumta, India. I thank the many donors who made valuable contributions, so needy students could gain a good education.

As our program has matured, we have expanded to support 50 students (29 girls, 21 boys) at six schools in Kumta, with only 11 of 50 students at the Shanbhag High School. In the complete list below, the prefix Kumari, refers to girls.

Scholarships were granted purely on the basis of need and included full tuition and a daily fabulous lunch.

    Saraswati Vidya Kendra, Kumta

  1. Kumari Kamakshi PS, Class II
  2. Kumari Apporva VS, Class II
  3. Tilak DN, Class II
  4. Kumari Kavya UH, Class III
  5. Kumari Diksha DV, Class III
  6. Maruti SSP, Class IV
  7. Aditya NK, Class VI
  8. Nakul NP, Class VI
  9. Kartik PS, Class VI
  10. Kumari Nidhi SK, Class VI
  11. Kumari Nidhi BB, Class VII
  12. Akshay SS, Class VII
  13. Srinivas VS, Class VII
  14. Mahesh AS, Class VII
  15. Shanbhag High School, Kumta

  16. Kumari Bhagavati SD, Class VIII
  17. Deepesh MN, Class VIII
  18. Gopalkrishna VS, Class VIII
  19. Vishal VS, Class VIII
  20. Kumari Namrata HG, Class VIII
  21. Kumari Yakshita JN, Class VIII
  22. Kumari Poornima KN, Class VIII
  23. Kumari Padmavati VS, Class IX
  24. Kumari Rekha KH, Class IX
  25. Kumari Akshata SS, Class X
  26. Kumari Nagaratna VB, Class X
  27. Gibb High School, Kumta

  28. Ganesh AS, Class IX
  29. Vivek VN, Class IX
  30. SPeter D, Class IX
  31. Vinayak DK, Class IX
  32. Raghavendra S, Class VIII
  33. Gibb Girls High School, Kumta

  34. Kumari Dhanashree VK, Class VIII
  35. Kumari Malati BH, Class IX
  36. Kumari Mallika MP, Class IX
  37. Kumari Shweta AS, Class IX
  38. Kumari Poojita SN, Class IX
  39. Kumari Teena KD, Class IX
  40. Kumari Nisha MS, Class X
  41. Kumari Soumya SP, Class X
  42. Mahatma Gandhi High School, Chitrigi, Kumta

  43. Aditya AB, Class VIII
  44. Kumari Vanita NP, Class IX
  45. Kumari Hasanbanu MS, Class IX
  46. Ganapati NP, Class IX
  47. Chandrahas SA, Class IX
  48. Kumari Swati SP, Class IX
  49. Kumari Divyashri RN, Class X
  50. Gibb English Medium High School, Kumta

  51. Kumari Divya B, Class VIII
  52. Kumari Soumya GP, Class VIII
  53. Gajanan GN, Class IX
  54. Jasper TN, Class IX
  55. Kumari Shraddha JS, Class X

NB: The Saraswati Vidya Kendra and the Shanbhag High School are managed by the Konkan Education Trust. The Gibb High School, Gibb Girls High School, Mahatma Gandhi High Shool, and the Gibb English Medium High School are managed by the Kanara Education Society, Kumta. Since many of the Kanara Education Society schools receive government aid, as well as food for their students, their scholarships costs are much lower.

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7 thoughts on “Scholarships for the Needy: 2010 – 2011

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  1. Dear Mr. Arun,

    It really was a great delight to trek your website, read the articles one after the other & keep on gazing at the pictures of my home town. You made me Nostalgic driving me down the memory lane and it was a Thrilling Experience memorizing my sweet childhood days, places where we studied & played, seeing the photos every now and then of My School, Gibb High School.. I do visit Kumta, my hometown, at least once in a year, for Ganesh Chaturthi at our Ancestal House in the Heart of the Town & in the summer holidays too.

    The wonderful work done by you is highly commendable & I thank u very much from the bottom of my heart for your sincere efforts & trouble taken in helping the school management as well as raising funds towards scholarships for the needy students as well as erecting the new school premises at Chitrigi. However, may I make an humble submission to you by appealing to stretch your helping hand a bit ahead so as to reach it towards Gibb High School, the Parent Organisation, which still remains as it was since last more than 6 Decades.

    Please keep on updating your wonderful work with sizzling photos & current developments. May I also request you for the link of the Video Widget “Approaching Kumta On Konkan Railway” which I would like to display on my facebook page, with your due permission, if you so wish, for the benefit of knowledge to my friends & relatives. Thank you once again!

    1. Hi Gurudatt,
      Thank you for your kindness. I am glad the post and pics are helping you reconnect back to Kumta. Just after the recent Ganapati, I was in Kumta as well.

      The work as the School is very fulfilling. Amazing students and the least that we can do is to support their work. BTW, even before you mentioned Gibb High School, we are already supporting about 25 students from the Kanara Education Society which includes Gibb High School, the Gibb Girls School and else. See some of the details here. And I hope to continue this work.

      I just sent you an email with the direct link to the video, but am not sure how it would appear on Facebook. Sometime over the weekend I will post this on You Tube and you should be able to post that on FB.

      Thank you and Keep in touch,

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