Hurricane Irene Loses Steam

Hurricane Irene Loses Steam in Boston Arun Shanbhag

See Meera in the Blizzard Nemo of 2013


  1. Question about Kaapi – is this like Madras Coffee?

  2. Hope you didn’t get too much damage and your family is safe and sound. I like your pictures of twigs by the way! What camera do you use?

  3. That’s good news from you that you’re SAFE! Stay safe, Arun.

  4. Glad you are safe.

    • Thank you!
      But they cancelled my flight to Mumbai. Would rather have been in Mumbai, drinking Kaapi 🙂 … and playing with Meera. Now I am stuck here for 4 more days, taking pics of twigs on the street. *aaargh*

      But at least we are all safe … and I get to tend my blog.

      Hope you are doing well.


  1. […] pics from Hurricane Irene Outside on my garage, I faced 3 ft high squalls.Down the streetNeighborhood; Notice the cars nearly […]

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