Ganapati at the GSB Muth, Wadala

Ganapati at GSB Wadala by Arun Shanbhag

The GSB Wadala Muth Ganapati holds some of my fondest memories of sarvajanik (public) Ganapati. At 8 ft, it is not the largest of the Ganapatis, but certainly one of the most artistically excuted and ‘constant.’ Even though the artisans craft a new murthy from clay each year, this murthy has not changed one bit over the last three decades. The size is limited by the doorway to the hall where this Ganapati sits. The GSB Seva Mandal Ganapati contrarily, is built on and sits on a trolley which is covered under a huge outdoor tent. On visarjan day, the stage is dismantled and the trolley with the Ganapati is pulled out. The Wadala Ganapati is wheeled/carried out of the hall, placed on a trailer and taken to Shivaji Park for immersion.

Despite the heavy crowds on a Sunday morning, we had an amazing darshan, performed the pushpa puja (offering of flowers) and took prasad. Here are a couple more pics.
Ganapati at GSB Wadala by Arun Shanbhag

Believe it of not, it was so hot and humid, I skipped all those patholi, kadam and bajjiyas, and instead guzzled a few Mangola!

Ganapati at GSB Wadala by Arun Shanbhag 2011

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  1. I am interested in life membership which procedure should be follow? i am pratibha manjrekar (Rege),

    1. Hi Vijay,
      You can just go to the Muth and that is it. During this Ganapathi Utsav, just go the Muth and register for a Seva/Puja, so they will have your address and can send you mail.

      Dev Barae Karo

  2. Thanks to View all people at one place to celebrate Ganesh Ustav. This shows Unity in deversity of Hindu’s & beatiful Look of Lord Ganesh. My special thank Arun Shanbhag to share thoughts between all people to Community across world, Always update every year to view Ganesh Ustva.

  3. Dear Arun,

    Immensely grateful for posting both the Ganpati here!!! We had a virtual tour of the festivity. Shamita was yelling “Ganpati bappa Morya” and says “Kitlo hodu” ” Kitle Bhamba(Gold) ” 😉
    Njoy your vacation love and hugs to dear Meera!!!

    shilpa (BH)

    1. Thank you Shilpa,
      Meera is having a gala time at all the Ganapatis and also travelling in Goa, Kumta, Udupi, Mangaluru and Kochi. What a champ.

      You should definitely bring Shamita to Mumbai for next years Ganapati – we will likely be here as well.

      And Meera will definitely join Shamita in screaming “Ganapati Bappa, Morya!”
      Having a great time here, but packing for the return trip *sad face*

      Best Wishes

  4. The atmosphere is simply amazing isnt it? Been going there, King Circle and to Kurla every year; used to make a mandatory single trip. Post marriage began doing Gan Homam at Wadala (must thank wifey for making me a convert from a observer to practitioner). Jokes apart the whole area seems so lively during those 10 days. Dadar, Matunga — all roads in those suburbs seemt to lead to Ram Mandir during those days 🙂

    1. Thank you Navin,
      I have never performed a Gana Homa at either Wadala or Seva Mandal. Thanks for the nudge, perhaps will do that next year. I was really touched by all those bhaktas doing the GanaHoma.

      A great end to a great Ganapati season.

  5. my favourite ganapati idol. it hasn’t changed a bit over the years. grew up watching wadala ganapati and other celebration like dramas . learnt making garlands , and not to forget those hot banana baje and poha samosas. these days patolis kadams are also available. really missing being in mumbai during chavati. thanks for sharing the latest photos. very nostalgic.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this Sandhya,
      Yes, in addition to the bajjiyas, they have patholis and kadam for a very small cost. But I did not eat there, as we had just had breakfast at the Seva Mandal Ganapati and it was too hot to stand in line and get the food. I distinctly remember, as kids, our whole goal in going to see the Ganapati was to eat the bajjiyas from the paper, and watch the dramas, while sitting on the road.

      Best Wishes to you,

  6. Good capture.
    Do they allow camera in the math? People keep on shooting using mobiles BUT Do we have to take prior permission for dslr? what is the procedure?

    1. Thank you Rachna,

      Of course it is easier to take pics with the mobile phone, and more difficult to carry the bulky DSLR, but the Muths certainly permit photography, as long as you do not interfere with the flow of other devotees. You do not need to take permission. But you can’t stand for very long in front of the murthy. That is why, I have to take quick pics and move on.

      Best Wishes,

  7. The murthy is soo beautiful..I miss the days when I used to go with my parents to see the GSB Ganpati in Wadala and few others Ganpati’s in Matunga. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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