Meera goes to the Mall

Meera trying out an outfit at Pantaloon in Phoenix Mall by Arun Shanbhag
Meera loves visiting the Phoenix Mall in Parel, Mumbai, particularly one of their stores which has a huge toy section. The Pantaloon store has a small but nice collection of Indian outfits for little girls. Reasonably priced too. Here Meera is trying one on before we bought it.

Popcorn is Meera’s treat and I dare not reach in for a handful.
Meera with popcorn at Phoenix Mall by Arun Shanbhag

She’s always a darling.
Meera with popcorn at Phoenix Mall by Arun Shanbhag

Meera Highlights:

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  1. Lovely Meera. My son (he is 4 yrs old)was sitting next to me and asking about her. I told him she is Meera and he instantly said ” I want to go to her house”.

    1. Thank you Vaishali. That is cute. He can definitely visit. Meera will need a lot of playmates.
      … and yes, things are much slower than anticipated, but Meera is having a gala time in Mumbai.
      Best Wishes to all.

      1. Yes Arun. Meera and Advaith (my son) would definitely love to play with each other. Only we would have to travel a long distance from toronto to play everyday…..Shall visit next time I m in Mumbai.

  2. Hi Arun,

    Meera is so cute, guess her fav is Dora just like Shamita. She gave you back the angry looks you gave her I guess. Its same with Shamita she hates if I try to reach for those popcorns. She looks adorable in those Indian outfit. Lovely post Muaah to Meera . Love and hugs to Meera from Shashank and Shamita.


    1. Meera’s #1 favorite is Mickey Mouse, followed by “Ben10” and then comes Dora. Unfortunately, I don’t find any Ben10 here in the US and only take either Dora or Mickey mouse.

      With the popcorn (or any of her food) here desire is actually bigger than her appetite. Initially I cannot touch it, but after a few minutes, she is done and hand me the pack and wont take another look. The same with some toys; I guess all kids are like that.

      And once Meera is here, you guys should visit.
      Thank you for sharing and
      Best Wishes to all

  3. In the second picture, Meera seems to be saying – “It’s my popcorn and I am not going to give you one.” Cute indeed!

    1. Thank you Priya, and absolutely.

      She is instinctively possessive and after a few moments is willing to share. Popcorn is a treat we give her for being a ‘good girl.’

      Hope you are all doing well.

  4. Hi Arun, you are right about not reaching for the Popcorn,if you look at the second photograph , you can see the killer look in her eyes.
    She has grown so fast. Lot of love.
    Mr De

    1. Thank you Mr De,
      IN a way it is sad to see her growing soooo fast. “Slow down Meera! What’s the rush!”
      … and she is one ‘tough’ and street smart girl.

      Hope you all are doing well.
      Best Best

  5. how much she has grown!! Are you still around? We had to make a quick unplanned visit to Chennai. We could meet up next week sometime! will call when back!

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