Ragda Pattis

Ragda Pattis by Arun Shanbhag
The best of street food at home. Pan-roasted Trader Joe’s Masala Burger, topped with basic ussal, yogurt, chopped onions and chaat masala.

I used TJs Masala Burger for these Quick Pattis Roll-ups too.

Ragda Pattis from Kailash Parbat (Mumbai) is my favorite and I have posted their ragda pattis pics twice before:

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  1. That was some innovation. To use our very desi lingo ‘sahi jugaad’. I can imagine you guys must be missing these indian street foods. We have Kailash parbhat outlets all over mumbai now (yep; they too have given in to franchising et al). They are all good but nothing comes close their original outlet at colaba.

    1. I Know, I was recently in Mumbai and the Phoenix Mall in Parel had a Kailash Parbat outlet! Yaay! and the quality was perfect. So however they did it, they got the scale-up just right!

      And yes, there is absolutely NO Indian street food here. A lot of Hot-dog, hamburger, korean, chinese food carts around offices/universities and only for lunch, after that ZILCH!


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