Makar Sankranti – To Brighter Days

Makar Sankranti 2012 Greetings drawn by Chitra Ulhas Nayak pics by Arun Shanbhag

Praise be to Surya, the Sun God
As he starts his Northerly trek

Grace us with Warmth and Light

Happy Sankranti to All!

Makar Sankranti 2012 Greetings drawn by Chitra Ulhas Nayak pics by Arun ShanbhagThe card was drawn by a Chitra Ullas Nayak, an eight grade student at the Shanbhag School in Kumta. Preparing greetings is part of their learning of our Indian heritage at the school.

Every year I get one of their cards, but this year on I’ll post them here to acknowledge their contributions. Do you think I should make it a regular contest and have a cash prize? A good incentive for the students to be creative on the card, and make it on topic? What do you think?

A wonderful writeup on the significance of Makar Sankranti. Here are one of my earlier Makar Sankranti Greetings, an awesome recipe for Til (Sesame) laddoos, and a nice write-up on Pongal.

13 thoughts on “Makar Sankranti – To Brighter Days

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  1. Hi Arun it was indeed very beautiful and creative piece of art. delighted to know that kids from kumta are also shining in the feild of art. frankly speaking i am also from kumta chitrigi to be precise from bhandarkar family currently living in Dubai. Any news from kumta brings back nostalgia . I .hadn’t heard of shanbhag school earlier. i knew abt Gib high school , nirmala convent and kannad shala. where our cousins would go.
    happy sankranti to you and your family. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Happy Sankranti to you too! Very nice artwork by the girl and worth rewarding! She has made that picture look so elegant!

  3. The art is very beautiful and very symbolic. Your idea to reward such talents in the form of an annual contest is very good.

    With regards,


    1. Thank you Ramesh; looks like an annual contest is the consensus. Will talk to school management and make it happen next year. We should be encouraging such talents.

      Happy Sankranti to you.

  4. Very nice drawing; having a cash prize and a contest is a good idea, will enrichen the school life of students

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here and absolutely yes.

      I am heading to Kumta next month and will give the student a cash/book prize. Will talk to management about making this a contest next year. Perhaps one for a greetings and another for an essay.

      Thank you and Happy Sankranti.

  5. It is one of the holiest days in our calender. I return the Greetings with prayers to God SURYA to bless you all with Prosperity and Health. Chitra Nayak has inherent talents for the drawing/painting. God Surya bless her and her family also with Vidya, Joy and Prosperity.

    1. THank you for sharing your thoughts here. It is such a joyous occasion in mumbai (and india in general); here it just melts into a dreary winter day. Our family made til-gul (the white ones) and the ladoos ~ good old days.

      Yes, will reward Chitra Nayak in some way.
      Best Wishes for Sankranti to you.

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