Norway is Kidnapping Indian Children

Update, March 19, 2012: More than a month after agreeing to transfer custody of the children to the children’s uncle, the kids still languish in Norway’s foster care system. Indian politicians are headed to Norway to participate in the custody hearings. Norway should be fined a million dollars a day for holding the kids hostage. That should get them to return the kids promptly.

And shame on other European countries for not calling on Norway to return the kids immediately. By being quiet on this issue, the European Union is condoning such atrocities in Europe.

It appears the parents need to work out some things for themselves. This should be easier in their own cultural setting.

Update, Jan 23:Norwegian child welfare services listed other shortcomings in the parenting of the Bhattacharyas. These include (are you ready for this?), unsuitable toys and clothes, insufficient room for the children to play in the house and lack of a basinnette or diaper changing table .

… the couple does not own a basinette/diaper-changing table. The child’s diapers are being changed on a bed, an arrangement much lower than a traditional Norwegian basinette/diaper-changing table.

This was justification enough to take the children away from the biological parents and send them to foster care till they were 18 years old. Verily a sophisticated way of kidnapping children.

Update, Jan 23: Norway seems to have offered a face-saving deal; custody of the 2 children would be handed over to the grandparents in India, according to India’s External Affairs Minister SM Krishna. The grandparents will have to agree to provide full-medical care for the kids. There is no mention of Norway apologizing for removing children from their linguistic and cultural background during a key phase of their development. Further once in India, the children can continue to be fed with the fingers.

Statistics from Norway on the number of children they place in Foster care.
And, Save our children and families from Child Protection in Norway

Main Post: The Child Protection Services in Norway have taken away two young Indian children (three-year old Abhigyan and his one-year old sister Aishwarya) from migrant parents Sagarika and Anurup Bhattacharya because they disapprove of the parenting methods. See story in The Hindu. The Child Protection Services has charged the mother with “negligence and unable to bring up” the child. This is galling!

What made them come to this conclusion? (1) the mother Sagarika “was in depression, tired and had no patience”; (2) the mother fed her child with her fingers and “over-fed” him; and (3) the boy slept with his father (apparently in the same bed).

In response:
1. Norway is such a homogeneously white society that migrants like Anurup, who is a highly educated, senior geoscientist at Halliburton in Norway, are essentially outcasts; there aren’t enough Indians in Norway to form a minority society providing social and cultural solace. I would be depressed if I had to live in such pathetic, winter climes in the midst of a racist, white society. Throw in post-partum depression and it would be surprising if the mother was not depressed. If Norway was really concerned, they should have given visa for Sagarika’s parents to come to Norway and help her take care of the children, as is the norm in Indian culture.

2. Eating with our hands is an Indian tradition and we have managed to do it (and survive well) since the beginning of humankind. At home in India and Boston, we still eat with our fingers. Meera was, and continues to be fed with the gentle loving hands of her mother, grandmother, aunts and me. Its the Norwegians who are abusing their children by pushing pieces of metal in the tender mouths of their babies. Metals when associated with liquids (and semi-solid foods) release high levels of metal ions, which is increased in the presence of salt. Many of the common alloys used in tableware can release metal ions like hexavalent chromium and nickel, which are scientifically documented to be carcinogenic.

The children were over-fed? The Norwegians should provide growth and weight charts of the children to demonstrate that the Indian kids were truly over-fed. We would like to see the growth and height percentiles of the children compared to the local Norwegian kids when they were taken away. Ha!

3. It is very uncommon in India for children to sleep in a different room than the children. Norwegians should visit some Indian families in Mumbai and observe sleeping arrangements. Even today, Meera sleeps with her mother and me in the same bed. It is the Norwegian culture that is cruel, depriving their children of bonding with their parents.

Norway should be cited for cruelty to children.
Their Child Protection Services took baby Aishwarya from her parents when she was only five months old, when she was still being breast-feed. Thus Norway deprived the baby of natural nutrition and immunity that only comes from the mother’s breast-feeding.

A Norwegian court has now ruled that the two children would stay in different foster homes in Norway until the age of 18 years, with the parents allowed to meet them only once a year for one hour. ~ The Hindu

By raising the children in Norwegian foster care. Norway is also depriving Abhigyan and Aishwarya of their cultural and language heritage. The baby girl and boy are going to be raised by white people who only speak Norwegian to them! The children are also going to be raised separately, depriving the brother-sister bond of the children. Tell me: who is cruel? Norway is essentially kidnapping Indian children!

It looks like the President Pratibha Patil of India has gotten involved in this case and appealed to the King of Norway.

Story covered in media:

  • Separating kids from parents unjustified: India tells Norway
  • Norwegian Agency takes away kids from Indian couple on pretext of their “emotional disconnect”
  • The Hindu: Indian infants under foster care in Norway, grandparents meet President
  • NDTV: Indian couple’s Norway nightmare: Family appeals to President to intervene
  • CPI(M) asks India to lodge strong protest with Norwegian govt
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    1. I notice no-one has commented on the latest developments in the case?

      Imagine if the Norwegain authorities had been less stedfast in their defense of the children and actually returned them to the parents? Internet campaigns born out of ignorance can do very real harm. I hope all the almost child abusers here who thought the kids should be returned to their parents have learned something.

      1. I mentioned it in my update above.
        I think the Norwegians in their original case only had sub-standard parenting skills. Also, we are not sure if the parental conflict was a result of the stress that the Norwegians have put the couple through. I would have become a raving lunatic.

        More reason for the (holier than thou) norwegians to have counseled the new parents and encouraged they bring their family to Norway to help care for the children. or send them back to India.

        What galls most of us is the high-handed manner of Norway kidnapping the children and keeping them away from the indian cultural milieu till they are 18!!!

        Norway should live up to its agreement and give custody to the uncle, who they have evaluated and found to be able.

    2. Europeans by nature have a strange sense of superiority and this Norwegian kidnapping is similar in many ways to the current Italian security firing at Indian fisherman. For one white skinned idiots have a feeling their life is special and worse still think other colours are inferior.
      In current times the problem has increased manifold with the economic state of affairs in many parts of Europe. Added to this Indian government is not yet got over its British vassal thinking and the Italian case is the first case where something sane is being done against Europeans.
      The worst cut in the children’s kidnap case recently was when the Norwegian envoy asked about Indian Supreme court ruling against Norwegian telecom company when discussing about the children. Honestly they think they can bully a billion strong country holding 2 children as ransom.
      High time India as a country acted strongly against these bullies. For centuries we as a country have been NICE. That is a foolish way in dealing with these European bullies.
      I have visited quite a few of these European countries in the 90s and frankly I can say the British though were basically unfriendly acted by rules. Italians act like mafia and infact I had to buy the chocholate as the airport shop fellow would not let me have my boarding pass unless I paid the price for it on his terms (using credit card)! Germans are arrogant to put it politely. The Dutch are friendly but have intellectual arrogance that you wont know what is apartheid until you meet them (remember SA, Gandhi and Dutch). French are ok but well lost in another world.
      As Indians we must remember that we are certainly no beggars today. If we need to get justice I would suggest we get a couple of Norwegians hanging around in India behind the bar for one of many reaons and then we can bargain. Remember we blame Iran for American hostage crisis. I think we need to treat this case too like how Americans will treat Iran. No nicety, just a good lesson to “Today’s world class European beggars, who will soon be bankrupt from Greece to Norway”.
      Till then I can only call these children and their Indian parents as pitiable martyrs. I can only pray these children are returned to their parents.

      1. This article enraged me but on the other hand, making sweeping generalizations about French, Dutch, Germans, etc. Is not good either. Unfortunately our thoughts towards others of different nationalities, ethnicities, are often based on limited encounters. My kids spent their early years in California but then we moved to Colorado. The tolerance here for others is much lower than in California. But I know that my experiences here are not necessarily representative of the American people as a whole, or all of Colorado for that matter.

    3. Why didn’t the Child Services counsel the couple about a way to raise their children just the way they are ‘training’ Anurup’s brother now [as of 15th Feb 2012]? Why are the children being punished even if the parents’ parenting skills were inadequate? If Norway is so concerned about the children’s welfare, can they explain how the children are going to benefit by being forced into an entirely new environment, new surroundings with no known face?

      Can Norway dare to do this to an American OR British Child?

      Indian Government need to put some teeth in its mouth and get the children from Norway’s custody. The family is Indian and if they have not committed any crime in Norway, Indian Govt should try to being them back to India.

      One concern though is why did Anurup and Sagarika did not take initiative to get out of that mess before things went out of control. It appears from the various articles that the Child Services personnel visited them several times before making up a case to steal the children. This is a lesson to all NRIs to be more cautious when you go to unfamiliar and unsympathetic, insensitive and culturally ignorant countries.

    4. Right from the day I read about this case, I am trying to suppress a terrible sense of anger and helplessness. If I feel like this, I can’t bear to think how the parents and extended family must be feeling. While one does not wish anguish on any Norwegian child, it might not be a bad idea to highlight a parallel situation – of stating that if we applied similar cultural norms, Norwegian children in India will have to be taken into State care. We Indians do not believe in letting our children sleep alone, we like to eat with our fingers and hopefully we have not got fully converted to the ‘nappy culture’. Asian and African cultures have a strong belief in skin to skin bonding which is why children are held closely and carried in our arms. And, it is not good for children to sleep alone. It is not good to eat with metals – a clean hand is the safest bet. As for nappy, in a tropical country like India, it is not advisable to use nappy all the time and children should be free atleast in their homes from them. So if Norwegian children in India wear nappy all the time and are made to sleep alone in another room and have metals thrust into their mouth, shall we say their parents are not suitable for rearing children and take them away? To be frank, Norway’s action is pure racism. And this should be taken to the highest court. India tends to get apologetic for no reason at all. We should be proud of our culture of non-violence (and btw, they probably would have snatched Gandhi’s children had they had a chance) and plurality. Norway’s belligerent attempts at a racist homogenisation should be brought to shame.

      1. Yes I agree and it seems that the norweygian peoples are very much eager to keep those children in their country. God knows why. I feel the same anger but I think we are not helpless. If our government is not talking tough then we should create enough pressure to on the political leaders to do so. I wander If like minded people could come together on any of the social networking site and start a movement.

    5. एक चांगली, लोकप्रिय व लाखो users असलेल्या वर जावून आपण एक petition तयार करावी म्हणजे ती users तर्फे नॉर्वे सरकार/बालकल्याण समिती ला पोहचेल.तसेच ही petition sign करा म्हणून तुमच्या site वर लिंक दिल्यास लाखो वाचकामार्फत ती नॉर्वे सरकार/बालकल्याण समिती ला पोहचेल

    6. Hi.
      Yes I know about this case. Have read the news.
      And for me, as an Norwegian, it is not any good reasons they have used, to explain why thay have taken the kids. How many norwegian parent dont feed their kids with fingers themselves? It happens. Because kids normally eat everything with fingers the first years. And how many changes diapers on the sofa or the floor? Many norwegian do that.
      The truth about so much all over the world, will come up, and then the question will be: Are we respecting each other, or not.

    7. Gosh! I am so outraged.. how dare they? Norway has violated basic human right. As an Indian American, I shall never visit Norway as I cannot imagine any dealings with such demented maniacs. I read some articles on the Child protection agencies snatching kids from the poor ethnic people and was so shocked.. how do we as a human civilization let this happen. The precious time of the parents and the kids was wasted.. hope Noway pays for this. Hope the kids are fine and reunited soon.. and No apologies.. that is so not acceptable.

    8. please do not leave this matter just after the children are returned. There is more to be done.
      (1) Norway has to be taken to justice in court of law
      (2) practices followed by the child care (? wondering if its really child care) in the past on other children should be investigated.
      (3) many past incidents the parents might have been from other poor countries or people without much support and could have lost their cases easily without a fight
      (4) Hence please do not leave this matter but continue to bring Norway to justice
      (5) Seek 100 million dollar compensation from Norway yes 100 million dollars so that it will create and impact on them. Just a small fine will not create an impact. This money can be used to help unite other children with their parents or for other good purpose. Norway has to pay for trauma caused to the parents and the trauma they caused to the children

    9. In an age where India is supposed to be an emerging superpower, the problem on Norway taking away the children of an Indian citizen couple on a visa there, on some trumped up charges (pretty much calling Indians uncivilized in their child-rearing practices) is simply put an insult to India. Like old British: (“You savages and your practices..”)

      Often the problem is that India does not have the guts to respond forcefully to such ridiculous incidents reeking of old colonial superiority,even when against a little tiny country like NORWAY.

      Heres’ an EASY SOLUTION, the one that say someone like Russia would follow, in such an instance.

      Instead of all this pleading, appealing etc, locate a NORWEGIAN couple in India.
      On some charges, take their kids away. Keep them safe, but take them away, and say till 18 years or so.

      Put them up in some orphanage for some time. What’s good for Indian Kids should be good for those kids too.

      Within a day the Norwegian guy will complain to his embassy.

      Tell them that there’s no real choice, and it can move through the Indian Civil court system. Some guy in a suit from the Norwegian embassy might try to browbeat your staff on this, but don’t worry, India has enough dollar reserves to buy these guys out.

      Just let drop the word that they can return the Indian kids, and the Norwegian kids go back as well.

      Problem will be solved in a day. I will tell you that.

      Really, do not worry, Norway will not go to war over this. They cannot, trust me.

      About time India stopped being the bullied and started bullying these guys back.


      1. Regressing to Roman tradition of children as hostages is not a good solution at all! It is wrong to remove any children from their parents for such reasons.

        1. I completely agree with your statement. Let us not torment other families and kids.

          Btw, new reasons provided by Norway for taking away children include no suitable toys for the kids to play; not enough space in house to play, no diaper changing table and diapers were changed on the bed. (see link at top of page). Gosh, I am already in trouble!

          This sounds like a socialist state gone beserk. Hope the family is reunited soon.
          Thank you for contributing to the discussion.

      2. Aaro,
        I hear your frustration, but India shouldn’t / needn’t join Norway in the gutter. But yes, the Indian govt should be more forceful and insist on the immediate release of the kids. like NOW!

        And no reason to torment other families.

    10. I have been reading about this for a while and I am appalled at the Norwegian government’s stand. When I first came to the US, I was depressed too. It was winter and I was suddenly faced with loneliness and isolation. A young mother may also have post-partum depression. Instead of being sympathetic to the lady, they cruelly snatch away her children. What a nightmare!

    11. Oh dear!! I can’t imagine this happening to any mother. They believe this to be a solution for a mother already suffering from depression?? And how do you overfeed a child?

      Very sad case! I can’t imagine what’s going through the children’s minds!

      1. Yes, please tell me how to overfeed Meera.
        I can only imagine the helpless situation of the mother stuck in Norway trying to deal with this.

        btw, are you back in the US? I am headed to Mumbai in two weeks.

          1. This is fabulous to hear. Thank you for the link, I posted it on the main page.
            Keeping fingers crossed that the kids custody will be transferred immediately.

            Thank you

    12. I hope Norway never lets the media get a hold of the details of this case and I commend them for respecting the privacy of those children. I’m all for preventing the implications of patronising and public slagery on those innocent children’s present state and future.

      As a parent Arun, I wonder how you’d expect the brutal government of Norway to react to a parent not clinically treating their autistic child for four years or how you yourself would slander a mother experiencing postpartum psychosis. That’s right you don’t know enough to preach – or do you?

      What we give out to the universe, we receive ourselves. Let your daughter teach you.

      1. Hi Rama,
        I think Norway was only trying to get their hands on two healthy kids to give to their citizens as foster kids. Unfortunately, the rest of the world realized the devious racket that Norway was running.

        I am not sure what you were getting at in the second part of your rant. You were obviously referring to kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The experts agree that ASD has been grossly over-diagnosed and are working on more rigid criteria for inclusion. This will weed out the simply bothersome kids, who the parents are only looking to label as autistic. With the rigid criteria, valuable resources can be targeted to the really needy children with autism. It is truly sad to see some of these cases and I empathize with the heroic parents and other care givers.

        Clearly the whole concept of drugging the children was a big scam by Harvard Prof Dr Joseph Biederman and his friends at Big Pharma. They took millions of dollars in consulting fees from big-pharma and essentially ran bogus clinical studies to show that drugs can help control autistic kids. What a tragedy for the innocent children. They are now turned into zombies.

        Are you implying that if a parent does not go along with the program, and chooses NOT to turn their kids into drug-induced zombies, they are being cruel?

        BTW, in cases where the children are really violent or suicidal, the drugs are necessary, but in many cases they are used as a convenience for the parents and teachers.

        I am closing this off-topic thread. Please do not continue this line of discussion here.
        Best Wishes,

    13. Luckily these indian parents can call upon the sympathetic government of their native country. AND the active child grabbing mechanism in Norway is exposed now to the world.


      1. Dear Mark,

        Norway was ignoring even the warning issued by UN regarding destruction of natural family environment and the number of foster kids in 2005 was 12,500.

        This happened several times earlier to parents from many other countries. But this time they put their hands on citizen of a country which is not a dictatorship, not a fundamental republic, neither a trivial democracy. They found themselves in front of a democracy of 1.25 billions in which sense the of Indian is more than India. Sympathy is secondary when Indian Govt. is run by opinion and wish of common educated Indians. A very very wrong place to venture.

        I am happy for this. Feeling sorry about Anurup as he developed some rare disease with hemoglobin content in his blood.

        Let us wait and see what happens.

        With warm regards,

        1. Well said Sumit. I just realize how cruel this world could be and how many ppl can comment just for sake of comments. Thanks for support of all of u. I don’t want to go in details of replying to comments by Rama. But there was no confirm medical report that the Son has got autism. Second, what was crime of 4 months old breast feeded baby (his sister)? Even, they suspected it is autism and on that basis they took kids, Will putting in Foster care be a solution where foster parents do this business just for money? If u search internet, u will find a comment by a Norwegian mother told that she could get back her kids because she could show that child has shown autistic nature n many problems after getting in Foster care n authorities simply returned her kids saying it is too costly to treat them. What a Joke of best for children!! In other comments, ppl say that many have got drug addicts, sexually abused, mentally ill in foster care. I would also like to correct that UN has criticized them in 2010 too n next report is due in 2012. It’s a rubbish rule of confidentiality which provides a safe place to hide for these power abusing n law-breaking officials and must be condemned in some way to make the system transparent.

          1. And further, Why they didn’t agree on same settlement (giving to grandparents, which is in Norwegian law) before when both the grandparents (from father and mother’s side) had come to Norway for same before last hearing of the court. It says a lot about their intention. I still doubt on their intention till children r back in India.

          2. Dear Vicky,

            Many places people are suspecting about the fault/crime committed by parents. For all who has suspect here is the answer :

            The petition to Norwegian court does says what parents are claiming. In news report Ms. Brinda Karat is talking about NO CRIME COMMITTED BY PARENTS in accordance to the available copy of the petition. If the Child Care Organization had some more what could be the reason they will hide it from justice!

            By the way here is a funny comment made in facebook (I do not know the authenticity of the comment – just copying that):

            “Many of these middle aged women in child welfare services are so frightened that they have unlisted telephone numbers and secret addresses. They thought that kidnapping somali and arab kids would be a piece of cake.:)
            Now many are hiding.:)”


    14. WT. The children should be sent back to India to their grandparents immediately and India should summon the Norwegian High Commision immediately regarding this issue and warn the high commision that if that is not done than, Noeway have to pack their bags and leave India. No Norwegian Embassy will be allowed in India if this is not done at the earliast.

      I myself have a small baby who was born in NZ and we lived there for few years. I can really feel for the baby. Getting a bit depressed is common living in a foreign country and raising 2 child with any domestic help or help from extented family. In NZ also they had some laws regarding smacking etc but not as stupid as Norway’s.

      1. I am surprised it has gotten so far. The kids are Indian citizens! And the Norwegians are going to hold them till they are 18? The kids need to be brought up as Indians speaking their native tongue, in their native culture. Norway is trying to make them white?

        This is getting me very upset since I have a little girl too and those are the kind of things we always do for her.

        Glad your time in NZ went well. Thank you for sharing that.

    15. Norway should release the kids immediately. Let the King of Norway go and see how President of India – Pratibha Patil’s progeny are being brought up.


    16. Dear Mr. Arun Shanbhag – I promise you, I will write an article about this issue and cite cruelty of Norway to children and parents from other cultures, impairment of Norwegian laws to understand other cultures and forceful imposition of Norwegian cultures to people of other cultures. This will go wherever human development index of Norway will be discussed. I also request other responsible citizens of this world to consider this.

      1. Thank you for your support. If there was a major issue, I would have expected the Norwegians to just deport the family.

        Please let me know if there is anything that I can do.
        Best Wishes

        1. Thanks for offering the help. I am doing some document search and literature survey. You can send me if you know any relevant document on similar issues. As I am a scientist who works on EE field only, I am having trouble for proper pointers. You might be able to solve my problem.

          You can contact me through my website :


          1. Hi Arun and Sumit, I know Anurup and the case. You may contact anurup in facebook and also in e-mail , He may provide you some original documents as well.

            1. Hi Vicky, Thank you very much for the offer. I did find Anurup’s FB and sent him a msg yesterday, but did not hear back. Perhaps you could make an introduction and state that we mean well?

              I can even Skype with him.
              Many Thanks for the offer.

            2. Hi Vicky,
              Thanks for replying. It would be great if we can come in contact with them. I also found him on facebook and sent him a friend request.

              I have been able to collect some earlier case reports where Barnevernet is accused of doing similar “Human and Child right violating” instances.

              I am trying to contact local Indian community so that we can find some contact where we can submit written protest. The UN headquarter is here in this city and this is a great thing for us. There are many Indians who work for UN HQ here.


        1. Dear Mr. Shanbhag,

          I cannot open the site as spyware blocker of my office is blocking the site and saying that it has been designed to steal our data.

          The idea of petition is good and works somehow within a state if it is truly democratic and secular (in broad perspective, including culture), where Govt. including administration and legislation has a compulsion to reply their civil society. And we are not civil society of Norway. I have traveled extensively in Scandinavia and developed an opinion that they (apart from Denmark) are culturally very concealed and nothing from outside world can move them. So, to tackle this kind of problem if we think of a virtual petition, then I have doubt about it’s effectiveness (please consider these as my own opinion).

          However, they are very worried about their impression to external world and display their worth in terms standard of living, human development index and many other similar factors of Scandinavian countries.

          In my opinion writing articles with proper citations and publish them in a proper forum will be the best way to fight this issue due to following reasons:

          1. This will directly effect their human development index
          2. They will be exposed to UN human rights commission/ UN human rights commission will have more references to show them.
          3. This will create an opinion in Norwegian population (Very Important).

          There is no problem for us or anybody else to start a petition and I have no issue with that. Only question is the effectiveness.

          I have gathered several documents. But unfortunately, I have to finish a book by Feb-15 and my publisher is always chasing me :(. As, soon as my book is finished I will start writing this article and will try to publish it in a relevant Journal where it will be strongly reviewed.

          Please let me know what is there in your mind.


          P.S : I write better than anything else I do.

          1. Since you have the cultural experience, I defer to your judgement.
            Lets just go with what you are planning.

            Several things going on here which I cannot yet speak about; thus not volunteering

            Good luck with the book.

            1. I want to add one more tragedy. Legislation and system in Scandinavia has been made for average people. It appears that the body that made the existing system there, plotted and found human behavior a Gaussian distribution (which is reality about the human society), but the tragedy was the choice of the value of sigma! As a result, if you are average, then you live a very happy life. But if you are little deviant from average then the system catches and kills you! Common Scandinavians also suffers from these issue.

              By the way Mr. Shanbhag, why don’t you join me for the article? As you have experience and skills on writing social issues – I would be glad to learn it from you. Please let me know. I cannot share my mail address in public neither I want you to do so. You can contact me through contact form of my website.

              Earnestly awaiting your response.

              — Sumit

    17. This is horrible! If the mother was seriously depressed and a danger to herself or the children, then she should have been helped, and relatives should have been called to care for the children, not strangers!

      Babies overfed? Family bed? Hand feeding? These are cultural norms of many cultures, why are these even issues? Are these children not citizens of India? How can they do this?

      Supposedly 25% of US parents sleep with their young children in a family bed, add to that India, China, the rest of Asia, southern Europe, Africa, Central and South America and I would say that a majority of the world’s children co-sleep with their parents.

      1. Exactly. Those are all the things that we do with our baby Meera; who we love soo dearly. I would be terrified to even travel/visit Norway – they dictating how we should be feeding our kids. And take them away!

        Norwegians should know; they are educated and travel around the world, right?
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Best Wishes,

    18. The Children should be going back to where they belong , to there Parents !!!
      It”s wrong to take them away for No proper Reason i agree _ of the Idea to bring
      the Grand Parents in for a while to help out the Mum !
      Kids need there Parents and as well as keep there Roots _ they adapt easy as they grow , but all should keep the Origin Tradition ! Why not ???

      1. I am surprised it has gotten to this. I would have expected someone in the Norwegian Services to recognize the gross miscarriage and intervene to right things.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

        1. In the US, children have been ripped from their parents, placed in foster care or institutions, and then forced to serve as subjects for drug trials, especially in New York State.

          This child’s parents should do whatever it takes to get their child back to India.

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