Meera Arrives in Boston

pic of Meera in Boston by Arun Shanbhag
M & Meera arrived in Boston! Took this pic with my iPhone as she waves me off to work. Its been a long road since this, but well worth it. Now Meera is making friends anew and learning English.

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  1. so are you saying God gave you a unique gift this Ugadi? A family union in their home here in Boston!! Well we would like to think so. Happy Ugadi and may you and your family have many many more happy and happier such new years!! I can already see the extra brightness at your door entrance due to Meera’s presence. You are good people 🙂 God bless!


  2. Hi Arun,

    Good to know that M&M are with you now!!! Meera can be with her pappa. God bless to the angel.

    Take care

    Shilpa (BAHRAIN)

  3. So happy for all of you, Arun. Welcome Meera & Dev barey karo! Hope the settling in is smooth.
    We were in Boston for a couple of days in Jan. The science museum with the kids was loads of fun – they were fascinated with everything and loved the butterfly exhibit in particular. We missed the Childrens museum though -which I hear is just as much fun. Best wishes to you all. Hope to catch you on our next visit.

    1. What ?!? You were in Boston and didn’t let us know.
      And thanks for the reminder about the Science Museum and butterfly exhibit. Will take Meera there soon.

      Please do stop by again and Meera will have loads of fun playing with the kids.
      Best Wishes to All,

  4. Great news Arun. Warm welcome and hugs to both M and m. Once they settle down, bring her to PGH. Stay with us while she explores western PA. After all she got to meet the good lord at the SV temple right 🙂

  5. A warm welcome to Meera..I am sure she too is mighty happy to be with her pappa..she looks beautiful.. Kisses to the little one 🙂

  6. How wonderful that all of you are together….no more Skyping. Your patience and perseverance have strengthened your family ties. Now Meera’s American adventures will unfold. Paula

    1. Yes, see some of the link below. She came into our family 3+ years ago, and only now have M & Meera come home. So this was huge for us.

      Thank you for sharing in our joy.

  7. She’s so this the first time she’s come to Boston? Sorry I’ve recently started following your blog, not aware of the details.


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