Dayaram Damodar for Sutarfeni in Mumbai

D Damodar Dadar Mumbai Sutarfeni pics by Arun Shanbhag

Post updated with newer pics from a recent visit.

Hope you have all tried Sutarfeni – the sweet, shredded, flaky, rice dough, topped with pista and almonds. What a dangerous agent it is; melts my self-discipline, and like a slobbering idiot I empty a pound of this “buddi ka baal” in no time.

Growing up, Parsi Dairy Farm on Princess Street, Mumbai were the purveyors of the best sutarfeni in town. Over the last couple of decades, Dayaram Damodar Mithaiwala, or simply D. Damodar at the Dadar TT Circle has caught up with the hallowed Parsi Dairy. All family and friends swear by D Damodar. The only way to put this controversy to rest was to actually go to both places and try out their sutarfeni. A hazardous task indeed, but someone had to do it. After munching on sutarfeni at both places and washing it down with mitha lassi, the verdict is in.

D Damodar Dadar Mumbai Sutarfeni pics by Arun Shanbhag

Its a Tie!
Parsi Dairy Farm is still superb, the queen of indian Desserts. But considering that D Damodar has caught up with Parsi Dairy, it gets the nod! (My post on Parsi Dairy).

34 thoughts on “Dayaram Damodar for Sutarfeni in Mumbai

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  1. Yummo Drools…. D Damodar sutarfeni… Lado depo amazing ladoos and vada paav… That one circle and you get all the type of eats one would relish to eat while in India…. I miss Dadar… thanks dear Arun for this post.. Next time I go to Siddhivinayak this is a must stop while returning.

    Love to Meeru….

    shilpa (BH)

    1. Yes, there are so many awesome food places near dadar/Parel. We also found a tiny south indian eatery which became our regular for delicious Kaapi.

      Hope you guys are doing well; how is Shubha?

  2. Anantashram (not anandashram)
    is a goan konkani khanawali in khotachiwadi galli opp post office, run by two brothers, the place and the food is interesting and so are their timings

  3. Though i have lived relatively close to parsi dairy, never bothered to chk out their sutarfeni
    Must try !
    thanks for the tip.
    ps did u chk out anantashram ?

    1. You should definitely try Parsi Dairy.

      Everything they have is fabulous. They also sell the sweet curds in a clay pot – yummy!

      Anand Ashram? Name sounds familiar. Where?

      I love Anand Bhavan in King Circle – that’s where I get my stash of PooranPoli, and banana chips.

      Many thanks

      1. A few places in girgaon make great puranpoli and telpoli too, and i get my superfresh bananachips from a joint behind Panchratna back gate (opera house) also a great khauu galli for gujrati food.

  4. I lived in dadar all my life..just this pic of Damodar brings backs a lot of memories..Aggarwal classes, Parsi colony, Parsi dairy , Monginis, Swagat, Bata….. thanks arun

    1. Right said V. For me, travelling from Mulund to Dadar early morning to attend Agrawal classes in 12th and then eating sweets at D Damodar or crossing over to other side to have bata wada at shrikrishna……….. yes its all coming back to me though it was close to 20 years back…. Food makes u happy and also nostalgic
      And a big thank you to you Arun. You have made me smile on a saturday when i am working 🙂

      1. THank Navin for sharing your thoughts.
        Hmmm! Batawada at ShriKrishna? haven’t had that in a while. Must try that in a few week 🙂

        Have a great weekend.

  5. I have eaten this sweet before. Relatives from Mumbai used to bring it whenever they do a trip to native… I have not seen this being sold anywhere in Kumta / Bangalore / Mysore.
    btw.. thanks for sharing the name.. I did not know that it is called Sutarfeni.. 🙂

    1. Absolutely Jessie: We need to get you to India and soon. You will be in Heaven.

      and I need to reply to your email ~ will do sometime this weekend.

      Best Wishes and Thank you

    1. Ha ha! Yes, it was always: Buddi Ka baal, when we were growing up. I think only after I went to college I realized its proper name.

      But delicious, no?
      Best and Thank you

  6. I think it is the same as “Pheni” from the South. They serve this without the toppings but instead they pour warm badam and saffron milk over it. We eat it mixed with the milk. Yum!

    1. I think I have tried that phenori (?) mainly in South Kanara; yes, eaten with poured badam and saffron milk. Yumm!
      This is slightly different and more Mumbai.

      Thank you and hope you are doing well.

    1. Its amazing how many types of indian desserts we have and how the variety of names for each.

      I know soan papdi, those are usually finely flaky and compacted in a square. Sutarfeni is definitely different and always served in these large ’rounds.’ The stringy flakes are long and that is why the slang for this is: Buddi ka Baal! ha ha!

      Also, sutarfeni is NOT as sweet as soan papdi, which means you tend to eat a lot more sutarfeni.

      And now you will have to find sutarfeni, try it and let us know what you think.


    2. O, and now I have it from a reputed source; ie Prachee on facebook. She says that Soan papdi is made from besan (chana dal) flour, while sutarfeni is made from rice flour!

      Yaay! Now I know too.

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