Girls making Papad 2

Picture of girls making papad in Kumta, India

A few years back while visiting Kumta I went back to the little shack where I had earlier seen young women making papad (writeup and pics). I was glad to see that this little cinderblock workshop was still active, and women came together to make papad and other eatables to sell in local stores. I like the light in this pic.

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  1. I am also a native of Kumta, now living in Dallas, Texas. I was happy to read your blogs, which are well written. Please carry out your good job of posting more. Nostalgic about Kumta…..

  2. What an amazing photo–you’re right about the lighting, it’s perfect!

    Whenever we serve papads in our cooking classes, I always talk about how papad-making is a cottage industry, done on a small scale and women gather to make them to sell to local shops. Thanks for sharing, I notice the sarees on the bottom!

    1. Thank you Preena, and nice of you to tip your hat to the women who make these in rural india. It is quite an enterprise.

      In the summer months, when the heat is unbearable, then the papad industry gets cranking. They make Mango, jackfruit and may other papad. Delicious. At any time, we will have 3-4 varieties at home. I have to order the specialty ones ahead of time, as they only make limited amounts.


    1. Maya, this is in Chitrigi by the Masti Katte. This is not a store, just like a small. free-standing cinder-block kitchen. These girls make different types of papad and sell it to the local restaurants. In the background is not the ambe saath, but a just rolled papad, which the girls place on the table in front and then cut with the little cups they have. See the earlier pics which go into more details.

      On different days, the girls do make other foods. Always a treat to see what they are up to.


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