Meera in the Park

Pics of Meera playing in the Park, Boston by Arun Shanbhag

The first week Meera arrived in Boston, I took her to the children’s Park at the end of our street. Thought she’d be shy and I was ready to coax her, but was I surprised. It took her 2 seconds to survey the environs before she attacked the stations and ricochet’d all over. She HAD to try everything in this Park … now!

Meera gets to the park with Amma nearly every day (except when its pouring). In dealing with other kids in the Park, Meera is less the demure Shakuntala and more Don Meera. So we have our work cut out for us. Enjoy Meera pics from her first week here. (A year later she’s riding the bicycle without training wheels.)

A few Meera posts:

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  1. Good to see Meera enjoying in Boston. I have been following your blog since long and looking at Meera’s pictures feels like a child from my family growing up so fast. Meera must have made a lot of new friends now.

    1. Thank you for sharing that Priya.
      Meera certainly has a way of ensnaring all with her charms; her school teachers, our friends and her classmates are no exception. She is still learning english and making friends at a furious pace. If only I can get her to slow down and relax , … and drink milk.


      1. Thank you Prabha-mai for your blessings to Meera. And thank you for enlightening us with your recipes and information about the konkani festivals.


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