Meera and Sleeping Phlox

Pics of Meera posing in front of a phlox garden flowers by Arun Shanbhag

I have the good fortune to walk Meera to her pre-school every morning. We walk by our neighborhood and cross a park on her way to school. It’s Meera’s field trip (picnic) everyday, and I am her lucky guide.

Along the way we pass a house with colorful phlox bounding over the low garden wall. After a few days of taking pics in front of the blooms, now Meera runs on ahead and poses in front of the phlox. The above pic was on Tuesday when the rains held off graciously. Sorry for the blown highlights on her cheeks, a grating irritation of iPhone cameras.

Then on Wednesday it was raining, but Meera ran on ahead (with her Superman umbrella in tow) and observed the flowers had wilted. As I caught up with her, she asked why the flowers were sleeping (based on an earlier discussion); I explained it was the rain. Then …

She brought her right index finger to her lips with a *shhh* and whispered, “Pappa, shhhhh, the flowers are sleeping.” Then brought her palms together, tilts her face and closes her eyes to denote “sleep.” Then points to her rain boots and takes small steps, implying we should walk softly.

I paused and breathed in this moment, to etch this ecstasy for all posterity. So years later when I may not understand her teenage mind, I can find solace in this moment, … and cherish it then. Coz its the same little girl who so wows me now. See update on Meera and Spiderman.

Life is indeed beautiful and I count my blessings every day!

Meera, the Boston Years

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  1. First of all Belated birthday wishes …Wishing you loads of happiness peace and success…there was some renovation work going on so i had no access to the internet…. sorry ok.

    I know this must have been one of your BEST birthday’s having meera and m with you, so what better gift one would want?

    Now about meera i know you are lucky to have a daughter as smart and chirpy and intelligent like her…but arun i feel she is even more luckier to have such a doting father who praises every action of her… Just the way u write about her you talk about her says it all. God bless you all with lots and lots of moments like these forever and ever. For some things there is no substitute and the feeling what parents feel about their kids….no words.

  2. Beautiful moments! There is a Tamil movie called “Abhiyum Naanum”(Meaning me and Abhi). It is about a father-daughter relationship. Your post reminds me of that film, which has scenes similar to what you describe – everything from the eyes of a father.

    1. Thank you for sharing that.

      Yes, with Meera I will have enough material for a movie and a few sequels. Every morning, I practice my patience as she asks a hundred questions. But I get to see this world anew. What joy!

    1. Ha ha! Don’t know about the spelling bee. She writes her name with 1 “e” and 2 “r”s. Grrr!
      But, teachers in preschool are impressed that she can write her name on a whim.

  3. Thanks for the article on Meera. The background is beautiful but the words of Meera ” Papa Shhhhh, the flowers are sleeping ” reminds the childhood days of my children who are grown up now .

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