Beet Red Juice with Apples, Carrots, Cilantro, Lemon and Ginger

pics of vegetables carrots, beet, apples ginger and lemon in Blood Red Juice by Arun Shanbhag

Now that M & Meera are in Boston, I worry less (about the house, yard or anything else) and explore culinary creations. Here is an all-natural Red Juice loaded with important nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

I had seen an ingredient list without the cilantro and tried making it. Attempted first with one apple and felt it needed more sweetness; the raw ginger gave a nice kick. Considered switching directions and adding salt and pepper. But settled on adding one more apple for sweetness, more ginger and the cilantro complemented the ginger and rounded out the taste. No need for sugar or salt. Just perfect.

This juice is insanely nutritious and packed with so many vitamins, particularly folates, vitamin A and vitamin C. Loaded with naturally occurring, powerful anti-oxidants which mop up injurious free-radicals associated with aging and cancer development. Many of the ingredients have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and those in ginger are even known to reduce the deleterious effects of arthritis. Beet is additionally loaded with iron and potassium; carrots with beta carotene and apples brimming with vitamins, soluble finer and natural sugars. These even boost the immune system. This juice is verily a powerhouse of health. Drink a glass and you’ll feel the nutrients gird your system and relax your mind. Why buy anything with synthetic chemicals, fake colors and cooked to kill important micronutrients? Make it!

pics of Blood Red Juice in beautiful glasses by Arun Shanbhag


  • Apple – 2 large sized (1 gala and 1 red delicious; de-cored)
  • Carrots – 4 medium sized carrots; washed and peeled. Approximate volume of 1 apple
  • Beet – 1/2 large beet; washed and peeled. Approximate volume of 3/4 apple
  • Cilantro – 1 sprig; washed
  • Ginger – 1 tablespoon; peeled and sliced
  • Lemon – 1 tablespoon juice
  • Water – 2 cups

pics of vegetables carrots, beet, apples ginger and lemon in Blood Red Juice by Arun Shanbhag

I don’t have a fancy juicer, but used a KitchenAid blender and it worked amazingly well slashing the carrots and beet to pulp. Did this in two batches; after a first blend, I strained and re-blended the bits and pieces. Turned a nice slushy red. Kept refrigerated for 30 minutes till the guests came. Stirred and served. Refrigerated the last glass for the next morning and it was perfect.

pics of Blood Red Juice in beautiful glasses by Arun Shanbhag

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23 thoughts on “Beet Red Juice with Apples, Carrots, Cilantro, Lemon and Ginger

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  1. I put all of these veggies into my foo d chopper, not my juicer. This way I am getting all of the nutrients, but still satisfy chewing!!! When I juice, I think I should be eating with my juice.. LOL Then I just pick on this, because its always ready, and I am not looking for snacks.

  2. Awesome !! Tried this out in my Vitamix and did not have to strain it.Ready in a jiffy and tasted heavenly !!! Thank u ,Mr.Shanbhag !!

    1. Sheetal, you are making me jealous. A friend said the exact same thing, “use a vitamix and this will be easy.” Hmmmm!
      Right now my budget includes Thomas the Tank Engine train sets, Bob Books and Spiderman toys 🙂
      Thank you for sharing that and glad you liked the juice.

      1. Well,Thomas the tank engine,Bob books and Spiderman toys are any day more important than a Vitamix !!
        Someday when u can watch a demo at ur nearby COSTCO and I am sure u will walk away with a VMix.
        Until then…..

          1. They have regular demo/sales at my COSTCO.It is cheaper to buy it then than through their website.

            I sound like an advertisement for VMix.But u have to experience it to believe me 🙂

  3. Simply loved the way it sounds! It is a nice touch not to need to add sugar or salt to make it yummy. Will share it with friends who care about nutrition as me, thanks!

    1. Thank you Clelia.
      Was worried initially, but it turned out surprisingly well. Now I want to have it all the time. Need to rush and get more carrots.

      Let me knob how it works out for you.

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