Meera and Spiderman

Pic of Meera's Spiderman by Arun Shanbhag Spiderman has become Meera’s big hero since my brother gave her this stuffed Spiderman several months ago. If I ask Meera to drink milk, she retorts, “Does Spiderman drink milk?”

One of the best parts of my day is walking Meera to her pre-school. On her walk she gets to see new flowers bloom, hear cardinals call, robins searching for worms, sparrows/finches chirping, squirrels scurrying up trees, seagulls cawing, dogs barking behind doors, white tailed rabbits hiding amidst irises, shy cats bounding across hedges and a host of other fascinating events, which I too have learn’t to observe.

At one particular place, we go down a steep sidewalk and I remind Meera, “Be careful, go slow.” Here is how that conversation has evolved over the last month.

Pappa: Meera, be careful here; your feet will slip.
Meera: Thank you Pappa; see I am going slow *and points to baby steps she is taking*

Meera: Pappa you forgot to say, “Meera be careful or you will slip.”
Pappa: Sorry Meera, be careful here.

Pappa: Meera, be careful here; I don’t want you to slip and fall.
Meera: Pappa ~ you don’t have to tell me, I know to be careful.

Pappa: Meera, be careful here.
Meera: Pappa ~ I don’t have to be careful. See I will not fall because I am Spiderman *she extends her hand like Spiderman’s with the middle and ring finger curled, and* Pappa, even if YOU fall, I can pick you up and put you down slowly.

Every morning, a new discovery! #JOY

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