Meera Visits the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Pics from Meera visits the Harvard Museum of Natural History by Arun Shanbhag

A couple of weeks back, I took a day off and brought Meera to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. HMNH is quite small, but packed with an amazing collection of dinosaur skeletons, stuffed large animals, skeletons of whales and many other species, including a sizable bird and small animal grouping. I had been here before and throughly enjoyed my visit.

While Meera was enraptured by the whales and shark models, she did not much care for the more delicate glass flower or mineral collections. She was visibly shaken by the gaping mouth of the hippopotamus, the weirdly ugly hyenas and a tiger. She looked in awe at the collections of beetles (cockroaches, I told her) and of course, her all time terrorizers – the spiders. She kept herself busy at all the interactive stations and was a darling through the entire visit.

After the visit, we picnicked on the lawn out front with Chapatti rolls spread with Nutella (she’s getting hooked onto Nutella, just like her father). Meera had a gala time chasing sparrows all over the greens. Then she delighted in chocolate ice-cream. We walked through Harvard Square, browsed the Curious George store and chugged home on the James Train (for those familiar with the Thomas the tank Engine series). A beautiful father-daughter outing. Hoping to do more of these over the summer.

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