Cherry Tomatoes

Pics of freshly harvested Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden by Arun Shanbhag
Freshly harvested cherry tomatoes from a friend’s garden. A benefit of watching friend’s house is you get to pick all the ripe vegetables. Delicious! Thank you Vikas.

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  1. Those look good! We have had a very poor harvest this year. I remember last year I didn’t have to buy any tomatoes, eggplants or okra all summer long.This year we got a few chillies of different varieties and maybe 1/10th of last years tomatoes and okra and 1 single eggplant! Between the squirrels, rabbits, the weather and the absence of the boys around the plants, they didn’t want to produce much!

    1. Sue, Good to hear from you.
      This has been the hottest summer since 1895? so no doubt your veggies are feeling a little down.

      Did not realize you were such a gardeners planting all these in your garden; and why aren’t the boys playing around the bushes this year?
      Please do come up and visit us in Boston. Meera is a delight and I am sure they’ll have a good time.


      1. Well, they were in India for 5 weeks visiting family with their dad and then 2 weeks in Albany, NY ‘looking after’ their pijjamma who had TKR surgery on both knees. We will try and come to Boston again to meet m & M 🙂 Maybe MLK weekend 2013..

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