Meera in Fog

Pic of Meera on way to school in fog by Arun Shanbhag

On Tuesday when we stepped out of the house, the fog was thick and visibilty down to 50 ft. Meera first was thrilled at the fog, then exclaimed, “Pappa, there is fog! How will we find my school?” I offered, “Hold my hand and I will show you the way.” Hand in hand we started down the hill. Along the way, Meera kept “phooo, phooo-ing” trying to blow the fog away. Here by the Minuteman bikeway we took a few silly pics to share with her Amma.
Pics of Meera by the Minuteman Bikeway Arlington by Arun Shanbhag

A few more Meera:


  1. Trey Crosthwaite says:

    I am new to your blog. What are jalebis?


    such a cute girl god bless her long life . tell her mom to Drishti kaad. Leaving for Kumta, any specific work let me know.


  1. […] have the good fortune to walk Meera to her pre-school every morning. We walk by our neighborhood and cross a park on her way to school. It’s Meera’s field trip (picnic) everyday, and I […]

  2. […] Meera was enraptured by the whales and shark models, she did not much care for the more delicate glass […]

  3. […] family in NJ, we shopped at Edison and bought jalebis at Sukhadia’s. When we got home, Meera ripped open the box and dug into the jalebis, even as we were unloading the […]

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