Transporting Sugarcane by Bullock Carts

Pics of families transporting Sugarcane by Bullock Cart in India by Arun Shanbhag

Enroute from Aurangabad to Paithan in Maharashtra State, India. This is quite a common site when driving around rural India. Because such long trains of bullock carts hamper other vehicular traffic and cause backups, our first impression is to curse them out, “why can’t they just stay off the road?”

But we pulled off the road and took a few minutes to capture these families, joyously taking their harvest to the sugar mills. But for their hard work, our chai and kaapi would be less sweet.

Freshly pressed sugarcane juice is a delicacy in Mumbai; at this road-side mill in Karnataka, sugarcane juice is made into jaggery (brown sugar). Meet this hard-working peanut farmer in Karnataka, making fresh-ground Raagi flour in Kumta, and taking a break at a Marathi village.

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