Meera turns Five, with Pappa

pictures of Meera turns five by Arun Shanbhag
We celebrated Meera’s fifth Birthday in Boston. It took us a while to get here, but thankful for all the grace (anugraha) we have been blessed with. Here are pics of Meera with Amma on this day.

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22 thoughts on “Meera turns Five, with Pappa

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  1. Dear Arun, Meera, and M

    A very happy birthday to Dearest Meera… 5 already!!! My God time flies!! She is soo sooo adorable… Big hugs and sweet kisses to this beautiful princess…. May God bestow his choicest blessings to her and your wonderful family Arun!!!.


    Shilpa, Dr. Sunil, Shashank and Shamita

  2. Happy Birthday Meera with many many happy returns
    zolma divasache ullas tuka Meera
    Pirandanal Nal Vazhuthukal Meera (in tamil)
    vāḍhivsācyā hārdik śubhecchā Meera
    huṭṭu habbada śubhāśaya Meera

    Viji Aunty from Pittsburgh

    1. Thank you Viji for the beautiful, multi-lingual greeting. It would be a blessing too if Meera grows up to appreciate our rich multi-lingual heritage.
      Thank you and wishing you all the best,

  3. Happy birthday Meera! I have been following your blog from many days, Sir. I like your write-ups as well as the pics. Meera looks adorable..lots of love and wishes to her.

  4. Arun u keep amazing me….god has been so very kind to you…he has blessed u with meera…and meera is equally blessed to have u both. Am so happy for u all…All my best wishes and blessings and lots of love to meera.

    1. Indeed Usha,
      I have been truly blessed my entire life.
      Reminds me of that line in the popular song “Tune mujhe bulaya sherawaliye,” it goes: “Moo khol kar kya maangu? / Bin maangae, sab kuch diya //”
      And even now, with Meera.
      Btw, looks like we will see you very soon.

  5. I have been a silent reader of your blog Sir…Meera looks pretty…Happy Birthday Meera hope u had lot of fun…God bless

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