Meera in the Blizzard

Meera Pics from the Blizzard of 2013 by Arun Shanbhag
Meera ready to go sledding in the Blizzard

We survived the Blizzard of 2013! Ended up with about 2 ft of snow. The hopper on my snow blower is only 20 inches high and it was a challenge to cut a walkway in the snow pack. The snow came in from the East and our East-facing home got a wallop. I opened the garage door, turned on my snow blower and faced a nearly 3 ft wall of fine powder. Worked my way around and cleared the front, so we could open the front doors. Took me a few hours, to clear the walkways and sidewalks of a few of our elderly neighbors.

Meera was a champ. All bundled up in her snow pants, first she attacked the snow with her tiny shovel and then after a little break, was ready to go sledding. The park was impassable and I ended up pushing her down our street. One advantage of living on a hill. [Update January 2014, Pics of Meera sledding on a nearby hill.]

See pics from Hurricane Irene

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  1. Hi, Arun, So wonderful to hear a report from you post blizzard. Mira looks totally in her element–like a proper Bostonian girl! Hope to see you guys sometime soon. Love to all, Prajna

    1. Thank you Prajna,
      Hope your Bharat trip went well and you fulfilled your plans for the interview. Yes, Meera is ‘enjoying’ the snow. Their flight to Mumbai was cancelled and now they are leaving tomorrow.


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