Meera turns Five, with Amma

Picture of Meera with Amma by Arun Shanbhag

A picture is worth a 1000 words. You can see the unconditional love and trust they share in this candid shot from Meera’s Fifth Birthday. A split second later their eyes were open. What a different pic. See Meera with Pappa. And, boy do they grow fast.

Picture of Meera with Amma by Arun Shanbhag

23 thoughts on “Meera turns Five, with Amma

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  1. Sorry about the belated wishes. HAPPY & HEALTHY BIRTHDAY WISHES to little Meera! She is the same age as our granddaughter Karina. We remember meeting beautiful Meera at the Konkani convention in NJ last year. Love & Blessings!

    1. Thank you Shobhan.
      Good to hear fom you, and yes, You had met Meera at the Konkani Sammelan.

      Hope you are all doing well in AZ and working on 50 shades of Bollywood.

  2. I have never written any comment so far, though I read many blogs. I have read this blog for years, as Arun connects well with my family members in US and in India. This time, I decided to write back. So here goes my first comment.
    Arun, the way you present small things with lot of interest and dedication to details with lots of creativity is just great. Regarding this post, its awesome. How come I have not taken such pictures of my kid so far? Very sweet indeed.

    1. Hi Naveen,
      Good to hear from you and hope you guys are all doing well. Thank you for sharing you kind words.
      And yes, please take some pictures of your kid 🙂


  3. Happy B’day, Meera!

    I will go with the first picture. It says Immense joy, comfort, peace to be with each other.

  4. Sorry, I’m continuing from the incomplete previous post.
    …is on Arthroscopic debridement and lavage for OA knee.
    I also visited the Ortho journal website. Its again a great opportunity for people like me to access what goes on in one of the best hospitals in the world.
    Will keep you posted on all further developments.


  5. Hello,
    My belated wishes to Meera. God bless.

    The winter coming to a close and spring around the corner, there must be a lot of cheer and happiness around.

    I did a presentation for our journal club last month on the conservative vs surgical treatment of clavicular fractures. It turned out good. I’ve also started to document data pertaining to infections in Orthopaedics and also non-surgical treatment modalities for OA knee. The latter interests me even more because my disswrtation

  6. The one with the eyes closed!! Very much the opposite of the eyes are the windows to the soul; in this case the eyes closed are much more expressive – not focused on posing, showing true emotion.

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