Ram Navami – battle against terror continues

Frieze of Shri Ram killing Ravana at the Khetapai Narayana Temple in Bhatkal by Arun Shanbhag

Wishing All
A Wonderful Rām Navamī
Bliss in Śri Rām’s Grace

M&m and A

The frieze above is from the outer wall of Khetapai Narayan Temple in Bhatkal, which I recently visited. This tiny stone temple was built ca 1546 when Konkani traders escaped Portuguese persecution in Goa and settled in Bhatkal. The Bhatkal port had become the primary port for trade by the Vijayanagar empire with its capital in Hampi.

Scenes from the life of Shri Rām are exquisitely carved around the outer walls of the temple. This frieze depicts Śri Rām felling RāvaN in a rain of arrows. Our history recognizes RāvaN as a brilliant statesman and fervent devotee of Shivā. But his ego gets the better of him and he uses his skills (and smarts) to terrorize and even kidnap the demure Sitā, wife of Śri Rām. In the ensuing dharma yudh (holy war), Śri Rām kills RāvaN and liberates Lankā from the grip of a terrorist.

Even till this day, the fight against terror continues in a variety of forms. Here in Boston, law enforcement just concluded the hunt for the 2nd suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

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  1. Very interesting read. Have you experienced the presence of the Lord? I have recently taken to chanting His name. Of course it didn’t happen overnight. I believe I have been led to it. Btw I am from Bangalore

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