Meera: When do we grow

pictures of Meera in Boston by Arun Shanbhag

On her annual visit, the doctor told Meera how much she had grown over the last year. That night Meera comes to me, her shoulders are hunched and a concerned look on her face.

Pappa, I know I am growing, but I have not seen myself growing.
I am stumped, but I manage. Hmmm, Meera, its because you are growing very slowly. So you cannot see your self grow.
She was certainly not listening and had her own reasons.
Pappa, I don’t see myself growing, because I am NOT growing during the day.
Hmmm, really?
Pappa, I think I am growing only at night, and emphatically, when I am asleep!
That’s all right Meera, I was also growing at night.

Dejected, she flicks her tiny hands down, but Pappa, if I am growing when I am asleep, I can’t see myself grow! … and starts to cry.
Awww. I cuddle her and tell her it’s OK.

pictures of Meera in Boston by Arun Shanbhag

She’s obviously not done. We talk about her “growing” issues on the way to school. She shows me the palms of her tiny gloved hands. Light pink with beige stripes, soiled finger tips.
Pappa, My hands, are not growing, only my feet are growing.

As I blink and trying to form words, Meera continues, I am wearing the same gloves from last year, but you had to buy new shoes for me! See only my feet are growing, my hands are not growing.

I hold and kiss her tiny hands, then point her to the birds chirping in the trees. I tell friends, Meera is five, going on 15! Wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Greetings Arun… The wooden Krishna Figurine behind your daughter Meera is amazing …. Do you mind sharing with me the details from where you bought it … I have been on the look out for years

    1. Thank you Chaitra – We bought that Krishna figurine nearly 15 years ago from an artist in Jaipur.
      I think this is a common theme, as I saw a similar wood figurine in Colombo a few months ago. Jaipur would be a good bet. You can even ask if they can make a similar piece as the artists there are very accommodating.
      Thank you and best wishes,

  2. That’s the greatest joy for a parent or grandparents( I’m speaking for myself) – the miracle of watching your children growing under your very nose!

  3. Hi Arun,
    And these are the experiences that stop us in our tracks to introspect.

    Kids grow right in front of our eyes. Every day – every minute. I have two kids and the older one is going to college coming Fall. The last year and half have been the most wonderful time of our life. So much was going on that everyday has been a roller coaster; up and down – through a rainbow.

    Meera’s statements are loaded ! And you have captured the essence well my friend!


    1. Thank you for your insightful note Suri,
      In the din of daily activities, we tend to forget, “This is what life is all about.”
      Yes, I am trying to savor each of these moments.

      Reminded me of this post from a pre-era, Live Well, Today


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