Spring in Boston – Meera rides the bicycle

photo of Meera riding here bicycle at Stratton School by Arun Shanbhag

It’s been a beautiful Spring here in Boston, albeit a little chilly. Tomorrow we leap straight into Summer with temps soaring to 90+ deg F.

Meera continues to amaze me. For weeks she bugged me to remove the training wheels on her bike, and simultaneously was anxious about falling. One evening at the Stratton Park down the street, she got on her bike (sans training wheels), I held on to the back of her seat and gave her a push. She screamed, “don’t let go,” as I ran beside. Soon she was pedaling on her own. A couple more pushes and she was screaming, “don’t hold me,” as she raced around the Park.

The next day I was relegated to taking pics while she showed off her figure-of-eights. She’s come a long way. Here is Meera with her beautiful bike in Mumbai.

11 thoughts on “Spring in Boston – Meera rides the bicycle

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  1. Wow! Spring in Boston seems like fun! Meera loves it ,apparently : the spring I mean !… and the joy of moving on wheels against the breeze! Bless her!

  2. I love spring!! That fresh green on the trees is so refreshing.
    And Meera already looks like a pro with her bike.. Happy riding 🙂

  3. Yeah! Congratulations to you and to Meera! I remember losing a lot of weight if the “holding on to the sweatshirt phase” goes on too long. Much love to you all, Prajna

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