Zebra and Ohto Mechanical Pencils

pics of Zebra pencils and Ohto Sharp Pencils by Arun ShanbhagI love writing with pencils and slowly weaned Meera away from markers and crayons – I just threw them all away ;-). Now she exclusively uses color pencils for her drawings and I see her focus and attention to detail has increased tremendously. That is also translating into her writing skills. As I walked her to school this morning she blurted, “Papa, I can write “e” and “r” correctly,” and motions the letters in the air.

On my desk at work, I’ll have a stack of 5-7 short pencils ready. I find full length pencils awkward and alter my pencil balance, so I prefer pencils after they have been used by Meera or M; 5-7 inches is the ideal length. Here are a couple (well) used ones, including a new zebra mechanical pencil a co-worker gifted. I generally don’t bite on my pencils, but the evidence says otherwise. I also (almost) never use the eraser at the end of the pencil, and reach for the Staedtler eraser blob, but the big eraser on the Zebra is worth a try. Methinks the chomped blue Faber-Castell was borrowed.
pics of Zebra pencils and Ohto Sharp Pencils by Arun Shanbhag
I love this Ohto mechanical pencil gifted by my brother. Its a full length and the hexagonal grip is nice; it even has a realistic wood pattern collaring the lead. The metal channel for the lead is very short, like if the pencil was sharpened with a knife; unlike the longer taper of the Zebra. What’s not to love? To prevent it from wandering, it stays on my home desk.
pics of Zebra pencils and Ohto Sharp Pencils by Arun Shanbhag
I have other very nice mechanical pencils, which I may share over the holidays, if I am not too busy playing with Meera. Do you use a pencil? Share your pencil stories.

2 thoughts on “Zebra and Ohto Mechanical Pencils

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  1. AS an engineer and designer, pencils are my preferred mode of writing.
    Even giving the drafter a rough sketch to put it in CAD, I prefer the mighty pencil.

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