Honavar Bunder

Photos of fishermen on the Sharavati at the Honavar Bunder by Arun Shanbhag
When we were kids, Honavar Bunder was an intriguing place. We’d spend all morning just hanging around the folks mending nets and running around upturned boats. The fishing boats fished at the estuary with the Arabian sea and usually came in just around lunch. If you had the patience for a late lunch, you could always get some very fresh fish curry. Walking across the Kasarkod bridge over the Sharavati river was the highlight of most evenings.

My posts on Honavar and mostly on Kumta:


  1. Akshay Shanbhag says:

    Hi Arun…Are you a “KALBAGKAR”????


  1. […] konkani delicacies: Jackfruit (Phansa-) Hapol and Spicy Vodi. During our summer holidays in Honavar and Kumta, we kids helped make them. The women would roll the hapol and we would carry them up the […]

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