Joyful Waiting at Mumbai’s Terminal T2

photos Mumbai's Terminal T2 at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport by Arun Shanbhag

Departure lounge at Mumbai’s Terminal T2 – appears like a subterranean cavern inspired by lotus pods

On arriving at Mumbai airport on my recent trip, I trudged the long corridor dragging my carry-on. My tired brain perceived a few garish, modern interpretations of art, then a collage of a young, angry Amitabh (circa Don), a beautiful frieze reminiscent of Tamil Nadu art, a well detailed Rajasthani courtyard. Only then I realized I was walking through the new Terminal T2 at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Though exhausted from the long trip, I slowed my pace and enjoyed the sights like if I was visiting a museum. The Immigration Hall was ginormous putting to shame the one in Boston. On the front wall were giant letters in many languages spelling “Welcome” – nice; should make Mumbaikars proud.

Did not pull out my camera then, but I had two other flights out from the international airport and got a chance to take several pics of the departure lounges and terminals.

When you arrive at terminal T2, take your time and enjoy the art. Baggage takes an excruciating 30-45 minutes, so no reason to rush. It’s better than staring at that lone bag going round’n round on an otherwise empty carousel.

Loved the overhead lotus bloom lamps; a display mentioned there were a thousand such blooms at the airport. Probably more.

I saw about 8 workers inspecting the faucets and urinals in the men’s room. Hope they can keep up the maintenance at this beautiful $1B airport. And the first person who spits should be whipped in public.


  1. Sam Chandra says:

    Our family, 6 people are flying Jet Airway Economy class from Colombo to London and have a 12 hr layover at Mumbai. No Indian Visa. Wondering how to spend 12 hrs in the internationsl terminal. Any advise is appreciated.

    • Hmmm; Will you be able to get a transit visa so you can go outside the airport?
      If no, I would recommend you take your time enjoying the sites when you enter and promptly take a nap. There are many lounge type chairs and lots of food places around (though they seem to charge US prices).
      I am flummoxed and would be tearing my hair by 6 hours. Get an audio book and an iPad for kids; load a few movies on the iPads or programs like “Paper” which may keep kids/adults busy drawing. A good old fashioned book will also do.

      Sorry, you have to go through this inconvenience.
      Make the best of it.

  2. Wow… Impressive! Saw them in the email forwards but thought they might be touched up. 😉 can’t wait… Week be heading there summer!


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