Meera at Legoland Boston

photos from Legoland Boston by Arun Shanbhag

What could you do with three million Lego bricks? Build a city of course. At the recently opened Legoland Boston, the highlights are a few of Boston’s iconic buildings, painstakingly assembled with Lego bricks. The attention to detail is amazing and they have captured the main sights including a miniature of Fenway Park filled with mini figures. Pressing a button releases a ball over the mound and with a single pin ball flipper at home plate, you could try and swing for the wall. Very nicely done; apparently took 60,000+ pieces. And Harvard Yard, Widener Library, MIT Dome, Boston Statehouse, Custom House, a road accident with flashing lights and rescue vehicles, and a lot more. Meera was awestruck; we spent an hour peering through the city.

The rest of Legoland was markedly average. Expectedly, they had giant vats filled with Lego bricks so kids could click and pry to their fill. Meera loved the car building area, (not fun – rummaging big tubs for tiny matching bricks) and racing them on multiple tracks. There was a small ‘merlin’ ride; a wonderful 4-D Lego Movie and a moderated Lego building class. We stretched the visit to four hours.

While Meera had a good time, I am glad we did not buy an annual pass. Once a year will suffice. I’d rather bring Meera to scores of other attractions in Boston, including Einstein’s Workshop, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, Southwick Zoo, and nature trails.

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