Mumbai’s Terminal T2, more

pics of art and murals at Mumbai's Terminal T2 by Arun Shanbhag

After my earlier passage through Mumbai’s new T2 terminal, I knew what to expect. On arrival, as everyone else darted to Baggage Claim (and staring at flapping slats whizzing by), I strolled through the endlessly curved, glass-lined walkway. I paused at each exhibit and took it in. The breadth of art types on display was stunning. Ubiquitous worker bees hovered nearby and demonstrated practiced busy-ness. Art was not simply a picture or a sculpture, an entire south Indian courtyard (for e.g.) was recreated; Mumbai was mapped with computer mother boards. And despite my earlier reservations, the exhibits were well maintained.

I am sharing here pics from the departure lounge. I couldn’t find details on these art experiences, please direct me if you know. With apparently 7,000 installations from 1,500 artists representing the country’s diverse cultural heritage, this is verily India’s largest Museum.

On this trip I only carried my Nikon full frame and a 50 mm prime lens. On a few shots I wished I had a wider field of view, otherwise it was a very liberating and satisfying experience. Perhaps a 35 mm would be a better choice for a single lens trip? If you have experience or suggestions about such a liberating (or restrictive) choice, share it.

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