Do you feel younger or older than your age?

In the comments, please tell me why you feel that way: Is it due to your diet, work, active lifestyle, cultural heritage, your mother, or something else? How does this affect your life view and ambition? Your relationship with others?

From my previous polls, it appears that humans have an inherent bias in picking a random number.

18 thoughts on “Do you feel younger or older than your age?

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  1. I have a lot of energy, a great many interests, an endless curiosity, and an optimistic attitude toward life. I’m also blessed with excellent health and a good sense of humor. Most of my friends are younger than me. All of these characteristics add up to my feeling younger than my chronological age.

  2. Dear I look younger than when compared to my age people around me. This may be because of regular one hour meditation and enjoying very good family life and job satisfaction.

  3. I feel younger than my age and others also feel I am younger than my age. Atleast 10 years – many say that.
    Why? I don’t know nor I follow any strict diet plan but maybe a God’s gift.

  4. I feel younger than my chronological age because I’m physically in good shape from years and years of working out and maintaining a good diet, I have continued working and learning new skills as technology changes, I have continued to be interested in the opposite sex and the opposite sex has continued to be interested in me, I continue to be interested in world affairs, and perhaps most important I have a very good sense of humor and I think that that helps me feel young and as a result I’ve made lots of young friends and that also makes me feel younger than my years.

  5. Happy New Year Arun and to M and m as well from Pittsburgh 🙂 I feel just about the same as my age – may be because of the set of friends I keep company with. We have same age kids, more or less same set of challenges, same dietary style (pure vegetarain) and we share same set of values. Faith is a huge factor and I strongly believe the super natural power sitting on top of the hill in Penn Hills/ Monroeville will take care of everything. Otherwise how are things? My regards to you, M and m. Take care.

  6. I have people telling me that I look far younger…I guess it is a diet with loads of vegetables & fruits although I do eat meat & fish, a very active outdoor lifestyle & a young mind. I figure it all contributes in someway despite a troubling knee that stops me from going for as many treks as I would like to.

  7. Interesting Poll….more than often I have been told that I dont look my age…but far far younger than my age….and most certainly I dont behave my age…in a positive way I mean….I am perhaps a little too forward to my age group of people….so many times it is told to me that I should have been born a few years later so I could have been in the right group…plus genes doesnt help…I come from good genes that dont make you look your age either… 😛

  8. Sometimes someone comments “You dont look your age ” but i always like to face reality…in the same way i accept my age and try to behave accordingly.

    1. I know you well Usha, you are more energetic and active than ever. Let others say what they want, but I think you certainly feel 9and act0 younger than your age. I don’t mean act like a silly teenager, but in a good and active way.
      Best Wishes for the New Year.

  9. Due to chronic pain, health and mobility problems, I often feel physically older than I am but my heart and mind feel younger.

  10. Even though I struggle with a rather serious chronic illness at 69, I still feel that my spirit stays youthful. I think it’s being on the spiritual path since of was 25–it keeps me focusing on what is eternal rather than what is impermanent. Thank you for asking! Happy New Year to all!

    1. The spiritual path has certainly enlivened you; your energy and enthusiasm reflects the eternal (and youthful) inner you.

      Wishing you everlasting joys in the New Year.

  11. Appreciating this question and the research.First it is diet, as I am a vegetarian. My friends used to inquire that I have not changed and still look same forever. Youngsters used to ask me as to how I got interested in computing at my age. About cultural heritage, I remain a Saivaite. I am now retired and over 70. All others are more friendly with me. The rest is left to the God.

    1. I agree, vegetarianism seems to have a lot to do with it (though Konkanis consider fish as part of a vegetarian diet). I hear that even in the US where people have stopped eating meats and are feeling more energetic than ever.

      Namah Shivay!

  12. Arunji, I feel fresh and energetic as always 99%. Only when someone comments on my age or looks (agewise) or my physical body or mind is unable to do something do I think or see the limitations of that which is aging. This could be because of many factors (lifestyle, understanding of self, etc…)

    1. Thank you Anila for sharing that; yes, its surprising how powerful other peoples’ comments can have on our well-being.

      There are many a days that I find my physical capability is not what it used to be, but heh, I probably am making up for it in other ways 🙂 See, that’s the positive side.


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