Meera’s Walk to School – Winter Edition

After the record breaking snow we have had in the last three weeks (and more to come), keeping the walkways clear have been the biggest challenge. In this 3:25 video you see Meera on her daily walk to school.

Yes we are fortunate. Meera’s school is about 5 houses down the street. Actually, this is longer. The regular stairs were damaged during snow removal and are blocked off – see plywood on right at 8:08:54 on video. With the streets narrower due to the snow, keeping safe is a big priority for everyone dropping off their kids. See the kindly Jeep driver stopping at a safe distance letting Meera cross. And yes, she is getting tall.

Video shot with this awesome action video camera – SJC 4000. At about a sixth of the cost of a comparable GoPro, this is huge, … and tiny!

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    1. Thank you; We try and speak as much as we can and Meera converses haltingly with us. Hers (and ours) vocabulary is very limited for many of the concept she tries to convey. At times she gets frustrated and switches to english.

      1. I know! Unlike English which keeps growing by incorporating useful words into its lexicon, Konkani has stagnated. One Konkani youngster I recently met said that there were no words in it to say anything he wanted except the most basic things, e.g, he can talk about food and stuff to his mom, but has to resort to English to say anything a little deeper. This is happening to many vernacular languages, isn’t it? For e.g, how do you say computer and all related things like software, hardware, program, coding, etc?

  1. Cute! cool blue glasses..which grade is she in now? For us living in bay area, this would be probably once in a year or two if we visit lake tahoe! And we would be feeling like we are frozen or something if we walk so much..ha ha..

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