After the Snow – Walking down Washington St

With all the snow in the Boston area, the simple task of getting to and from work is a serious chore, taking at time 2-3 hours one way. After much of the snow, the buses would not come up the hill, so I would walk down to the cross street, or the bike path and hiked to another bus or T-station. Its a long, cold walk in the snow and the winter wonderland feel is exceptionally beautiful; but you have to be cautious of slipping on the narrowed streets in the path of oncoming traffic.

See Meera walking to school that morning.

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  1. Good Mornin Arun bhai Namaste ,
    i saw some of ur lovely city of Boston and other activity photos. i am really happy to say that ur motivation factor always reminds me to do good things to our society.My humble request u sir since ur forefathers belongs to native of small kumta and for their rememberance please help our poor childern for their betterment by not giving money in hand.then construct toilet block and giving some desk benches for needy schools and college.My request to u please help our small govt. college in heart of carstreet needs immediate toilet block for their students.Please help help help arun bhai.

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