Mehndi (or Henna) designs

photos of bridal Mehndi designs on hands and feet by Arun ShanbhagHere are a few pics from my niece’s mehndi gathering before her shādi. The lady squeezes out the mehndi paste from a foil cone and uses it to draw intricate designs on hands and feet. As the paste dries, fresh lemon juice is squeezed on it to keep it moisten and intensify the color.

Shādi or not, my sisters love mehndi for any occasion.

4 thoughts on “Mehndi (or Henna) designs

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  1. Mehndi is one of the auspicious occasion for any girl , the pics and the mehndi designs are beautiful.

  2. This is beautiful and rewind memory as I remember few mehandi walas at Paharaganj market busy with applying mehandi. Beautiful to watch also as it is applied.

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