Video: Meera Loves Boxes

When we go for a walk and Meera sees a cardboard box in someone’s trash, she wants it.  One time she made me carry a big water-heater box back home.  With some box cutters, duck tape, paint, binder clips and a big dose of Meera’s creativity, we made a Rocket Ship!  She and her friends have more fun with this Rocket Ship and many, many expensive, store bought gifts.

This girl is ruling my life! Love her.

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  1. Awww. I love boxes, too! You can create anything your imagination can dream up! I loved making doll houses from empty boxes when I was a little girl. I then went on to use them to make models for architectural school. I have some funny memories of trying to walk across Bowman field carrying sheets of cardboard back to Clemson House. I had a friend that lived on my hall named Arun. I remember going over to Redfern Hospital to watch The Wizard of Oz with him and some friends after he had gotten into an accident with a car. It was his first time watching the movie (I hope). I even remember watching the movie, as a child, with my two best friends, while we sat in an old empty box in my parent’s family room. Boxes are so much fun, and, Meera, you look like you like having fun. Give Arun a hug, for me, from an old friend and Tiger. It’s good to see you are doing well.

    Thank you for the memories,
    Wendy Grainger Pittman

  2. awww.. Meera, we love boxes too!!! We have a castle in our living room – that keeps transforms into so many things, a rocket in D’s bedroom and a “computer-space” station in our study!!! They do make awesome toys that we grown ups give up our real computers to escape into the world you girls create!! Wayyyyyyyy more fun!!!

    Wonderful tip! Thank you!

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