Grand Challenge Udupi

For Innovation to serve the people and move the country forward, we ultimately need to reach the most underprivileged in our society.  This was exactly our goal when we teamed up with the local government – Udupi District and developed this Grand Challenge.

The District officials under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Smt Priyanka Mary Francis and Assistant Commissioner Shilpa Nag, picked issues they grappled with most.

We are hosting and funding this unique opportunity to democratize innovation. Even though many of you are outside the area of interest, I encourage you to send in your suggestions and ideas that other students can pick up and work on. Your suggestions are always welcome.

17 thoughts on “Grand Challenge Udupi

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  1. Sir can we upload 2 page PDF document ? One about the abstract and one page about our research work?….is it compalsary tht it should 1 page itself?

  2. Can we come up with two solution for the same problem…..can we upload our solution twice with the same team? *Solution is different*

    1. Thank you Pooja for your enthusiastic participation.
      To enroll, you only need to fill out the form available online.
      If you are selected to be a finalist, then you will be required to present on Feb 17th.
      Thank you

  3. Actually I am very glad that our district is stepping forward to solve the major problems so I would gladly enroll my entry
    I am the student of mgm college udupi

  4. Very happy to know about this move.
    I will submit my entries by Jan 15th
    Can u send me the mailing address so as to pen down my views
    Sumana B
    Assistant Professor
    H..O.D of Sociology
    Govt. First Grade College

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