Accept the Right Challenge

We consider our daily engagements with various aspects of the material world as beautiful, bringing us great joy (and sorrow). Consider our desires for ALL things and beings that can be described by our five senses. These temptations ever goad us to aspire more, more and more such beautiful material things. Neverendingly. This results in an endless cycle of desires, our machinations to attain them, eventual dissatisfaction and sadness. That same desire, which we aspired for so much, eventually leads to disappointment and sorrow. This continuous cycle of sprouting of desires and their death, is what we need to #Cancel.

The real challenge is to hold off our temptations and recognise that joys associated with material aspects of nature are only transient and will lead to disappointment. Eventually. Always. The only true and eternal joy is recognizing the divine soul within the body. The unshakeable bliss. That true joy can never be found outside. Only within each of us.

The real #Challenge to Accept is to recognize the source of our sorrows and joy. And make a stand for eternal happiness.

And so Bāhubali stood. He stood to overcome temptations, to conquer earthly desires and attain true eternal bliss.

Pic of Gomateshwara at Dharmasthala by Arun Shanbhag

Pic of the feet of Gomateshvara at Dharmasthala by Arun Shanbhag

This monolith of Gomateshvara Bāhubali at Dharmasthala, Karnatak memorializes the #ChallengeAccepted by him for true knowledge. He stands as a beacon for all, for you and me and all humanity. Inviting us to accept the real challenges that will bring us not the fleeting joys of increasing ‘likes,’ but the eternal bliss of becoming “joy.” #Unshakeable #Bliss

Rain or shine, hot or cold, whoever visits or not, whoever rules the land or not, the 39-ft monolith of Bāhubali stands. #Unchanging. Symbolizing #Renunciation – the giving up of desires, complete control of the mind over the senses, and subjugating the ego as the first step towards eternal joy. It is not attained in a few days, months or years. Or even a lifetime. But we start our journey by standing firmly for our beliefs. And perhaps in a few lifetimes, the truth will reveal itself. And you may discern a fleeting smile on granitic lips.

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