Mumbai Blasts!

All my posts related to the Mumbai Blasts in chronological order:
Taj Mahal Hotel Burning during the Mumbai Blasts Terrorists attack pictures by Arun Shanbhag

Here are some of my previous posts on Mumbai. Preblast time period. To share with you the beauty of the Taj and the people in Mumbai!

Chopper enroute to the Nariman House to drop off Commandos by Arun Shanbhag

This blog and associated pictures have been covered extensively in the International News Media. Here is a sampling:

Thank you all for your help, kindness and support through these trying days! And we were the lucky ones!

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  1. “Mumbai Blasts!” crumbs from your main landing page took me back in time and memories ….

    Lets not forget that infamy.

    As we usher in a new year, a moment of silence in memory of all those whom we lost on those days.


  2. Seeing the pics so many years later brings back the sad memories of those horrible days when a few held the entire nation ransom.and Arun was around to capture the pics and report live. nagesh kini, mumbai, april 5, 2011.

  3. Hi Mr. Shanbhag,

    Thanks a lot for reverting back. I hope you are doing well.

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  4. Hi Arun,

    Nice to meet another shanbhag online, I am from karwar but not being there for years now. I went through your blog really appreciate the way you write and update your blog.

    I am a manager and run a website called which talks all about mumbai and people of mumbai. We have sections like citizen watch where you can updated incident that you watch daily and wanted to put forward, also we have events section called by what’s on.. kaizup it’s cartoon section and multimedia section called mumbai meri jaan.

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    Amit Shanbhag
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    1. hi Amit:

      Thank you for the invite. Browsed over your site and it is pretty impressive.

      if it is acceptable i can cross-post some of the article from my blog over to Would that be acceptable? And I hope you don’t mind the personal tone of my articles.

      Best Wishes in all that you do!

  5. Hi Arun,
    To introduce myself, my name is Sneha Menon, and I’m a student at the LSE pursuing a masters degree in new media innovations and policy. I’m conducting research on the role of Twitter in the Mumbai terrorist attacks last year for my Master’s dissertation.
    I’m studying the motivations of users to participate via Twitter in crisis situations and am interested in the changing ways that people experience crisis situations through technologies like Twitter.
    In my search for active participants during the period (26/11- 28/11), I came accross your profile and your pictures.

    I’d like to conduct an interview of about 15 minutes to ask you a few questions regarding your experience of and opinion regarding using Twitter during this period.
    For your information, the information collected will be purely for research purposes for a dissertation that I’m writing to earn a masters degree.

    I am conducting interviews for this project upto the 10th of July.
    Please do let me whether you are able to participate and when you are free for an interview via phone.

    Thank you and hope you’re able to help!
    Sneha Menon

    MSc. Media & Communications ’09
    London School of Economics & Political Science

    1. Hi Sneha,
      Good luck in your dissertation.

      I will be glad to help in anyway and can certainly entertain a telephone call. Please send mail to: arunshanbhag AT gmail to schedule a time, ok?


  6. hi arun
    i want to include your experience in my paper . first of all ,permit me to include your name in my paper. after the end of the course , i will send a copy of the paper to you also. could you share your views on the following with me
    1. what really prompted you to use twitter for that incident ?
    2. approximately how many pics/comments did you upload on twitter during those days ?
    3. how many people did follow you on twitter during those days?
    Let me introduce myself. my full name is praveen prakash . I am an IAS office from hyderabad. every year ,govt of india sponsors few officers to maxwell school for one year course in public policy . at present i am doing this course.
    i know i am causing lot of inconvenience to you. sorry about that.
    with regards

    1. Hi Praveen:
      Please feel free to use my name in your paper; and wishing you the best in your work.
      My responses are as below:
      1. I had just signed onto twitter a couple of weeks before coming to Mumbai and the blasts. Thus I was new to it. In my short experience, i was only using twitter to direct readers to my blog where I had hosted the pictures and my own commentary.

      2. On twitter you can only upload comments, NOTHING else; just go to my username on twitter and just check the number of message I had posted.

      3. Again, I was not keeping track, but I think about 700 or so folks were following me when I was posting on twitter; additionally, I know many were “retweeting” my tweets so the message was certainly amplified.

      Congratulations on your Scholarship and Wishing you the very best in your work.

      And really, no inconvenience.

      Best Wishes,

  7. hi
    my name is praveen. i am a student at maxwell school ,syracuse univ. i am doing a paper on mumbai blast : use of online tools by citizens.
    need your help. do you have an idea how many hostages used twitter

  8. I followed your blog with interest during the attacks last month. Simply amazing and truly showed the power of internet based citizen journalism.
    The events in Mumbai inspired me to reread my two favorite books about the city: Maximum City and Shantaram. I would recommend these two great reads to all. Happy New Year 2009.

    1. Peter,
      Thank you for your kind words. I felt I was the messenger, sharing what I saw with the world at large. The acts were inhuman and I hope we don’t have to see these again.

      Interestingly, I have these two books on my shelf, but have never read them. I will pull them out and read them. Thank you for reminding and motivating me.

      Wishing you the best for the New Year!

  9. the storm of darkness coming from middle east and welling from years of neglect by western powerful nations, will soon engulf the mankind. there will be no dawn of enlightment in the whole indian sub continent as it will be covered by cloak of ever lasting darkness. there will be no rights for women, no education for girls, no place for democracy, no televison, no films, no science, no scientific development, eye for eye justice, brutal treatment for liberals. the human race will come to an end soon and only zoombies will walk this part of the world.

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