Prarthana: A Book of Hindu Psalms

by Arun Shanbhag

Prarthana: A Book of Hindu Psalms by Arun Shanbhag

Prarthana: A Book of Hindu Psalms
ISBN 978-0-9790081-0-8
264 pages; includes Glossary & Bibliography
Non-fiction; Spiritual; Hinduism; Religion;
September 2007

Prarthana is a compilation of sacred hymns from the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas. In Prarthana, I have presented 36 common prayers in their original Sanskrit (Devanagiri) script, along with romanized transcriptions and modern English translations. A commentary in lay English offers a brief background and reflections on how each prayer applies to our daily life.

Visit to read prayers from the book – eventually, the entire book will be online.

You can buy hard copies of Prarthana:

  • On
  • At Strand Book Stall, Fort, Mumbai at a discounted price. Note: Prarthana is not listed on their site, but is in stock. Contact Details
  • Directly from the Author: Please send $17 ($15 + $2 S&H) by PayPal to (US Shipping only). For bulk purchases or shipping to other locations, pl contact the author

49 thoughts on “Prarthana

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  1. Blessed Arun mam
    Hari Om! salutations!
    I searched your prayer book, “parthana” online, but i did not get. could you please arrange to send by mail to my following mail id (
    Is your trust giving merit scholarship for sslc students. my elder brother grand son shreeram bengre, who has scored 91% in sslc exams. he has got admission in mysore ramakrishna math and mission college. the fees are very high (rs.1,77,000/-) which his can not afford that fee amount. so he is looking forward for some financial assistance from some philanthropist and trust who can extend the monetary assistance.
    Looking forward for your kind response.

    1. The best place is the Kuldevatha temple itself. Sometime, they may have it on their website. If there is a local GSB muth, they may have some collections.
      Which is your kuldevatha? I can see if I have anything.

  2. for all..
    pray Bhagwan Rama..

    Hanuman says i will be delighted if u’;ll chant ram ram jai siya ram..!!
    Pray Hanuman..

    Shani says i will be delighted and will never harm you with sade sati if u’ll chant hanuman chalisa and meditate Bhagwan Rama.!
    Conclusion: Pray Bhagwan Rama and dont worry

  3. I chanced upon the last copy that Strand had of your wonderful book. It is one of the best I have ever read. I use it every day. Like you, I also grew up reciting prayers with my parents which I scarcely understood. I love your translation style, and hope you will write much more.

    1. Thank you Satya for your kind and encouraging words.
      I am currently working on my next book and when i get stuck, its words from folks like you that keep me going. Many thanks.

      And yes, I will get more stock to Strand Book Stall.


  4. hi arun,

    i just want to say, if we will be together.we can share and write up many experiences of visiting many pilgrimage places and experience god and spiritual effects..i want to say do contact me on my email…i guess i am very much younger dan you,.,i am 19 from delhi,,i have many things to say bt dont knw where to say nw i got my way…

    lets share our things ..if ull like d experience you can publish to ur book..

    sahil chhabra

    1. Jayavant:
      can you call the Strand book stall in Bangalore? I was just at their Mumbai store and they have several in stock.
      And thank you for your enthusiasm for Prarthana.

      Here is their Bangalore address and details:
      S 113-114, Manipal Centre, First Floor, South Block
      Dickenson Road, Bangalore 560 042
      Tel: 2558 0000, 2558 2222, 3057 7661-3


      1. Hey… I was looking to buy this book for my daughter.We live in Bangalore….Thanks for the details…

        1. THank you.
          Strand Book Stall carries it, but am not sure if their Bengaluroo office has it. Just them to get it from their Mumbai office. The contact at their Mumbai office is Mr Premanand Shenvi.

          Thank you for your interest

  5. RAMAAYA- ( In Singular ) Only Dhasharatha Can call him
    by Name)

    RAMACHANDRA – Mother Koushalya calls him.

    RAMABHADRA – Mother Kaykayyi calls him


    NATHA – WIFE SITA calls him ( Eka Patni Vrustusta)

    RAGHUNATHA – FAMILY PRIEST Calls him by this name

    SITA PATAYE – IN LAWS PLACE he is called as Sitapati
    that means our Sita’s Husband

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