Turmeric Milk: Soothing Elixir

haldi turmeric ginger milk by Arun ShanbhagTurmeric is an ubiquitous indian spice and a common ingredient of pre-mixed curry or masala powders. Turmeric (haldi, Konkani; haridra, Sanskrit) is also an essential component of fish marinade.

While I take for granted the turmeric used in cooking, I distinctly remember my grandma preparing scalding hot, turmeric milk whenever we had a sore throat or cold. And grandma admonished us to sip it hot, letting it course its way down the back of our throats. Haaiiii! She had alchemized this common root, to a piping hot, golden elixir, which not only got us back to school the next day (unfortunately), but also back on the playground (v good). Something magical about that turmeric milk! If she only knew!
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Mumbai: Best place for an old-fashioned haircut

I look forward to haircuts in Mumbai. On my first day there, I head to this little hole in the wall, two blocks from our house. I don't think it has a name. Getting my hair cut there since I was a scampering kid. The same guys are there – only a little older; the same chairs – only now I don't need a booster seat. Nayeem is the one to cut my hair!

He still uses a comb and scissors – no clippers! And his scissors fly over my head in a clickety blur. To clean behind the neck and above the ears, he dabs cool liquid from a refilled Old Spice bottle, then breaks an old fashioned razor blade, inserts it into a waakar, and wields it deftly. Then the best part. He pours Pancharatna – an ayurvedic oil on my head and gives me a nice massage. Easy to doze off in the chair. Hah! And all for slightly over a dollar. I give him two (100 rupees)!
haircut in Mumbai

This is Nayeem! The guy in the back is getting an old-fashioned shave. I tried it once and thought the skin had come off my face – that close! Always ready for my next haircut!

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