On Walden Pond

On Walden Pond pics by Arun Shanbhag
I started the New Year chanting Lokāh Samastāh Sukino Bhavantū at an Amma Satsang. Then after a short nap, drove over to a friend’s and chanted the Hanuman Chalisa, seven times; then walked around Walden Pond. What a beautiful day to experience the magnificent.

Walking Yoga, circumambulating the emerald blue stillness. A time to quiet the mind and observe thoughts in action (or inaction). Don’t try to understand, don’t judge, just be the silent observer. Like the still waters, tall trees and blue sky. Just be. The Universe will carry on. Om!

Lokāh Samastāh Sukino Bhavantū
May all be at Peace

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At the Cape: Chatham Bars Inn

What a writing snob. I can only write sitting at my desktop computer and post pics shot with my Nikon. This has to change. So here I am at one of the most fabulous resorts on the Cape, and have to blog about it. Downloaded the WordPress app for the iPad/iPhone, and let’s see what breaks.

The gorgeous view from my room at the Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA. My sixth retreat here and love this place (all pics from iPhone).
Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod, Arun Shanbhag
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Video: How to do a Pec Fly & Chest Press

I don’t do weights! But my trainer friends urge me to build muscle tone. “It will help your running,” they argue. I do anything which helps my running.
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Update: Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in Boston

Fascinating to keep up with this Hawk’s nest. Even after I got back from Mumbai, the Hawk babies were still in the nest. Now the babies are larger and ready to fly out. Also, tragedy.

I am updating this older post with new pics as the Hawks grow up. So please visit often.

And for Father’s Day, A tribute to Mr Hawk!

Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in Boston Thursday, June 17th, 2010 For Father's Day, My Tribute to Mr Hawk for taking care of his young ones! I hadn't seen any adult stop by the nest. This morning, the male (father) stopped by the nest, dropped off something, hung around on the rails for a few minutes and then flew away. What a magnificent bird. It appears the chicks are nearly as large as the adult male. Two of the bigger birds in the nest appear to be female. The third is a smaller fe … Read More

Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in Boston

June 30th and July 1st, 2010
Of the three chicks, there was the biggest one who started to flex its wings and hop on the railing first. The second one followed within a week. The third was little and 4 weeks late to even flapping its wings. I managed to get them all on the railing on the same day (July 1, 2010). While the older two were practicing pirouettes, the runt was happy to just get on the railing. You can notice even the hair on the head and the maturity of the wings is different in the runt. I tell the chicks apart by the pattern of the spots on their flanks.
Pictures of Boston Red-tailed hawk, Birds of Prey

The Hawk chicks are so much fun to watch. This was just before they started to hunt. In the cowling of the roof, there was a starling nest. The chicks looked in puzzlement as the birds flew in and out of the nest. Then one day I saw this hawk perched itself right next to the opening of the nest (the irregular triangular opening in the cowling). The poor starling waited on top all afternoon. I don’t know how this stand-off ended. Suffice to say, the starlings were not seen in the nest since. Pic from June 30, 2010. Continue reading “Nesting Red-tailed Hawk in Boston”

Boston Skyline from the Red-Line

From Park Street outbound to Alewife, the Red-Line T comes above ground at the Charles / MGH station, goes across the Longfellow Bridge and then dips back in the tunnel at MIT. A short snippet of the Boston Skyline taken from the Red-Line as it speeds over the Charles river. The trip between stations takes less than a minute, but a superb view everyday! On beautiful days, countless sailboats bob on the Charles River.

Enjoy the best of Boston!

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Kids Who Bring Joy

Since they were infants, I have shot pics of all our friend’s kids. They are a joyous bunch and I love showcasing them. Now, with Meera on the scene, some of my friends wonder if I’ll ever be as passionate about taking their pics. Well, they do have a point :-E|

But for now, here they are.
They make me laugh and they make me cry;
and in turn I spoil them (with Lindt chocolates) ~ while their moms give me the evil eye!

Here is Meghana and Navya. Here they are, the week Navya was born. Time sure flies by.
pics of Meghana and Navya kids by Arun Shanbhag

You have also seen Vibha before A tiny toddler she was, now a shy young girl.
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Spring in Boston

spring crocus Boston

The days that used to lie
curled up,
by penetrating frost,
bit by bit
stretch out
their limbs
now that winter’s past.

~ Sri Dharanidhara

from Vidyadhara’s Subhaashita Ratnakosha
Translated from the Sanskrit by Daniel HH Ingalls, Harvard University Press

The original verses were composed between the 8th and 10th century. Vidyadhara probably compiled these before the year 1100, when he had access to the library housed in the ancient monastery of Jagaddala.
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New Year Greetings 2009

Arun Manashi Boston Public Gardenfrom the Boston Public Garden

Happy New Year!
Wishing you all,
A Blessedly Beautiful New Year!

Peace, Health and Prosperity!
(what else do we really want? … ok, good food!)


Our Other New Year greetings:

One more from the Boston Public Garden:

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