Yoga Bashing by Christians, Again

Why is it that Christians hate Yoga so much? First the catholic church bans yoga for toddlers; now this.

According to a report in the DNA, Father Jeremy Davies, an ordained priest in the UK argues in his new book,

“yoga puts people at risk from devils and the occult is closely associated with the scourges of “drugs, demonic music and pornography” which’re “destroying millions of young people in our time”.

Certainly, in the throes of agony getting into the Parivrtta Trikonasana, I have wondered, what has gotten into me to attempt these contortions. Never realized that the demons must have possessed me. See, Davies’ book is published by the Catholic Truth Society (my italics), so it must be true.

Oh, the esteemed priest is himself an exorcist. Do you think it is possible that after a lifetime trying to exorcise demons, he himself may be affected?

Davies continues, “… young people especially are vulnerable and we must do what we can to protect them.” Hmmm. I was going to say something about the rampant pedophilia in the catholic dioceses in the US, but I shouldn’t. It is time for me to get into Shavasana.

Breakfast in Montreal

Chez Cora Dejeuners Montreal Canada pics by Arun Shanbhag
I get cranky without a good breakfast. Particularly when traveling. I do more research on breakfast places, than on sightseeing. So it was with Montreal. On our first morning, we walked over to Chez Cora Dejeuners (1425 Rue Stanley, off Rue Ste Catherine). I had read a lot about it and was ready to be disappointed. When we came up the street, seeing customers lining outside was a good sign. After about a 30 minute wait, we got a nice table with sunlight streaming in from large windows. We ordered random things from the menu. An omelet wrapped in a crepe for M (see next pic), and a waffle on a bed of fruits for me (see above). This place is known for its generous fruit servings and all their breakfasts are accompanied with lots of fruit. Yes, it was del-i-cious! Fueled us for a long day walking around Montreal. Another of my characteristics – once I find something good, I hang on to it. So for the next couple of days we started our days at Chez Cora. Continue reading “Breakfast in Montreal”

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