School Girls at Daulatabad Fort, Deogiri

pics of School Girls with head scarves at the Daulatabad Fort, Deogiri India by Arun Shanbhag"
Merry school girls having a great time walking up to the Daulatabad Fort at Deogiri

These pics continue from my previous post on visiting the Daulatabad Fort at Deogiri and the related post on the beautiful bullock cartstransporting sugarcane to the mills. I loved them so much, they had to get their own post. You can see larger versions of these on my photo-blog Arun Eyes … this wondrous life just to showcase my favorite pics. Continue reading “School Girls at Daulatabad Fort, Deogiri”

Visiting the Daulatabad Fort at Deogiri

Daulatabad Fort, India Arun ShanbhagDaulatabad, previously known as Deogiri (Hill of Gods), was founded by Raja Bhillama of the Yadava dynasty in the 11th century of the current era. Raja Bhillama renounced his allegiance to the Chalukyas, and after victorious campaigns against neighbors, retained control of the strategic Deccan with his capital at Deogiri.

Having heard of the wealth of the land, Alauddin Khilji marched down, destroyed the town and laid siege to the fort in 1294. After a 3-week stand-off, Raja Ramachandra Deva surrendered on payment of a record tribute which had to be carted off on elephants and camels. The tribute was believed to include 54,000 lbs of gold, 560 lbs of pearls, 160 lbs of precious stones, silver, silk and adjacent towns. This was the first time Muslims had penetrated as far south as the Deccan. Fresh with booty, Alauddin schemed and murdered his uncle Jalauddin Khilji and ascended the throne in Delhi in 1296. And a few years later Alauddin would lust after Padmini, ending tragically in the massacre at Chittor. Continue reading “Visiting the Daulatabad Fort at Deogiri”

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