Amma coming to Boston, July 2012

Amma in Devi Bhava during her Boston visit in 2011. Dates for Amma‘s (Mata Amritanandamayi) Boston tour have been announced and Registration is now open for the Retreat. Here, you can read about my fabulous, life-altering experience with Amma. Hope to see some of you there.


Dussehra: Glory to Durga Devi 2011

Durga Devi preparation, Mumbai 2011 by Arun Shanbhag

Shristhī-sthīthī-laya kārinī Cause of this creation, sustenance & dissolution Wishing you all a Wonderful Dassara. M&M & A


Meeting Amma in Boston

Prema rasāmrta varshini mātā amrtānandamayi | Prema bhakti sandāyani mātā amrtānandamayi || Showers us with immortal nectar of love, O mother; Grant us the capacity for love & bhakti (selfless devotion), O mother Amritanandamayi || Two weeks ago, I got the opportunity to experience darshan of Mata Amritanandamay, better known as Amma. What started as […]


Ganapati and Gauri Puja

Na tatra suryo bhaati na chandra tarakam nema vidhyuto bhanti kutoyamagnihi | tameva bhantam anubhati sarvam tasya bhasa sarvam idam vibhati || Sun cannot illumine him, nor the moon, nor the stars Lightning cannot, much less this little flame I wave | Verily, when he shines everything is illuminated By his light alone all of […]


Hindu Temple Chicago

For a friend’s wedding I recently traveled to Chicago. Since that’s where I did my doctoral work, we have many friends there and love the city. I have previously posted on the architectural wonders of Chicago, the Balaji Temple and have run the Chicago Marathon! On this visit, I additionally got darshan at the exquisitely […]


Bookseller in Goa

With M & m in Mumbai, I stay at work longer, workout harder and run further. With friends, I laze around more; that means less blogging. But I want to share this beautiful pic of a bookseller I met in Goa. We were on our way back to the Ramnathi Devasthan after visiting some Konkani […]


Dassara: Celebrating Devi’s Grace

Wishing you all a Wonderful Dassara May you and your loved ones Be blessed by Devi’s Grace! M&M & A


Varaha Mandap at Mamallāpuram

Pallava art Varaha Mandap at Mamallapuram by Arun Shanbhag

Mandapas or Cave shrines of Mamallapuram. The Pallavas (4th – 9th century ce) were the first dynasty to rule over large tracts of present day Tamil Nadu. Their capital at Kanchipuram was at the cross-roads of the North-South trade in spices, gems and silks. Their thriving port at Mamallapuram was the export nexus for trade […]


Dassara, Dussehra: Celebrating Devi’s Grace

Devi Shanteri at the Ramnathi Devasthan by Arun Shanbhag

Wishing you all a Wonderful Dassara. All year around, We are blessed by Devi’s Grace! M&M & A


Durga Puja – Dussehra

Most compassionate and beautiful, Yet relentless in battle against evil, Devi! Shower us with your grace! M&m amp; A Durga as Mahisasura-mardini, Cave Temples of Badami (6th century). See Durga Stotram (Ode to Durga Devi) from my book Prarthana: A Book of Hindu Psalms Other Durga Devi / Dassara Posts: Dassara: Celebrating Devi’s Grace, 2008 […]


Rāmnāthi Devasthān, A Konkani Temple

Ramnath Dev at the Ramnathi Devasthan

The Shanteri Kamakshi Ramnath Devasthan (place of God, or Temple) in Ponda, Goa is our family's ancestral temple. Millenia ago, groups of Konkani families settled in extended family-based communities in Goa. Each community had their own spirits, which protected them from evil and satisfied their spiritual curiosity. The spirits and associated deities also received gratitude […]


Durga Devi – All Powerful Shakti

After my earlier post on the Chicago Balaji Temple, reminded me about the Balaji Temple in Atlanta, GA. I was fortunate to visit the temple in Dec of last year. More than the main deity, “Durga Devi” in the seconday shrine intrigued me. Durga manifests the fertile woman, as the all powerful shakti, full of […]