Steel toe work boots reduce foot injuries

Steel toed shoes can prevent serious injuries of the forefoot

In this simple study, researchers demonstrated that steel toe capped work boots can prevent serious injury to the forefoot. The researchers fitted regular or steel toe work boots on cadaver feet and dropped 150 lbs on each foot. Ouch! Steel toe capped work boots (pic right) reduced the number of fractures in the foot by more than half compared to regular work boots (pic left). Continue reading “Steel toe work boots reduce foot injuries”

Vitamin D Prevents Fractures

A recent clinical review reported in the NY Times provides great news for older adults. A meta-analysis of 12 randomized clinical trials, together representing over 65,000 subjects suggests that Vitamin D reduces the risk for non-vertebral fractures by 20 % and hip fractures by 18%.
Continue reading “Vitamin D Prevents Fractures”

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